Top Security Apps for Android

Even if you are not the flag bearer of how technology has transformed human existence, we still cannot deny the fact that technology has affected our lives to a great length. With almost everything one click away and available online, technology today has definitely eased up our lives by greater means.

Instant communication from places poles apart, access to constant news all day, world-class music, online shopping are some of the few features we enjoy today. However, as the saying goes ‘with great power comes great responsibility’, internet today has to be biggest example of this. Despite the ease, online world has placed privacy and security at crucial risk and it has become relevantly easier to intrude into anyone’s private information.  

Security breaches and intrusion by hackers is increasingly becoming more common each day. Something very common these days in fact hackers have gained such knowledge that companies are bound to recruit whole cyber security teams and security apps to prevent any  unauthorized intrusion and data theft, from people’s personal devices. 

The risks of security breaches can be disastrous. With evil geniuses on the loose, protecting your important and personal data browsing histories, text messaging histories and even pictures, its critical to have a secure running technical system.

Security apps for Android

Hence it is imperative that one must use any of the security apps for Android to keep their personal data and information safe from any kind of theft. If you are looking for safe ways to protect your sensitive data, continue reading this article, we’ve got you covered! we would talk about some top security Apps for Android that you can directly download from Google Play Services.

The Secure Browsers and VPN

If you are also paranoid and worried regarding the safety, security and privacy of your data and personal information, then it is time folks that you must consider downloading one of these secure browsers and VPN to keep your device safe.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser by DuckDuckGo:


A great search engine tool, if you want to maintain your anonymous identity. This comes with a great twist because it doesn’t keep a record of your search history and would only show you advertisements which be relevant and according to your search. The only drawback of this search engine is that when you conduct any search the results will not be as organized as what you expect to find through Google. If you are more concerned about securing your privacy than organizing your results, this tool is your best shot for your search results.   

Ghostery Privacy Browser by GhosteryEver: 

As the name suggests, this browse engine makes sure that your search results stays ghosted. a smart option for VPN, Ghostery has emerged as a successful name in the market and is a platform that reads your searches and brings forth relevant search advertisements to you. This way your searches will be hassle free and the likelihood of hackers and trackers would definitely decrease. 

Avira Phantom VPN by AVIRA and NordVPN by NordVPN:

Avira Phantom VPN

If you are connected through a Wi-Fi connection saved on your mobile data.  chances are that your security breach would be very much likely making your sensitive information vulnerable. beware of those free WiFi networks offered in restaurants or malls can be a perfect opportunity for hackers to intrude in to your devices and be able to access your private data.

Adblock Browser for Android by Eyeo GmbHWhile ads:

This Adblocker aids many websites and apps to make payments but they can result in unauthorized intrusions while you are in the process of using your device. to prevent this Adblock Brower can be a perfect security app for your device. however, the only downside to this app is the small display which might be irritable and not so use friendly for some of the users. 

The Security Apps for Android to encrypt Phone Calls

Mobile applications these days can easily encrypt your messages, texts, emails and even voice notes.  however if you prefer to rely on taking calls, someone might want to encrypt your phone calls too. do not worry, we have got you covered in good hands. phone calls can now also be secured Security Apps for Android.  

There are many reasons as to why one would want to encrypt their phone calls. these days it has become quite convenient to record phone calls or silently listen to any conversation and steal information or important business contract details. In order  to avoid this from happening, be wary of many security apps and other useful VPN security apps. the following two security apps are most reliable which you can use to encrypt your phone calls successfully. 

SpiderOakONE by SpiderOak Inc.Cloud : 

This app ensure your device is fully locked and protected. however, this app is available to you online making making it vulnerable o all the online hackers. despite online security breach threat, the app takes pride in being very strong and reliable in securing their users sensitive information. claiming themselves as a totally no-knowledge app which means that your information can only be read by you and not by the service itself. Other similar services can read your data hence there is a greater chance of data theft and your information is can be at a huge risk.

AppLock by DoMobile Lab:

In situations where you have to move your phone around to transfer images or files. or maybe if you are unable to tuck you shirt away from your stubborn child, you irritably hand them the phone. to secure your private data, this is the mot convenient app for you if you are not a tech person.  App-lock will help you secure your device and generate secure passwords on your apps with a pattern, passcode or even a fingerprint.

With the apps secured well, you can now snooze off to a peaceful sleep.

Android Battery Saver

4 Top Android Battery Saver Apps

In today’s fast-paced life, where technology is conquering all, the smartphone is the driving force and one of the most eminent factors in revolutionizing the world. It has allowed people to access everything in less than a second wherever they are without any hassle.

Every smartphone, be it Apple or Android, comes with space up to 526 GB which can allow you to download maximum applications on your phone. You can either download whole TV shows or your favorite movies within just a matter of minutes.

However, everything comes with its pros and cons. The more options you have on your phone, the more it is likely to increase the usage of battery. You always find yourself jumping between numerous applications such as Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

You spend most of your time with your eyes glued on the screen to check social media accounts and to watch movies or TV series online. You sure do not want anything to interrupt your activities but we often forget that the battery percentage goes down with lots of application running at the same time.

You spend most of your time with your eyes glued on the screen to check social media accounts and to watch movies or TV series online. You sure do not want anything to interrupt your activities but we often forget that the battery percentage goes down with lots of application running at the same time.

Even when you do not have a lot of space on your phones to watch whole movies and what not, still the constant usage throughout the day, whether you are constantly receiving calls or instant messaging, can significantly drop down your battery percentage. Some applications like Snapchat or Instagram filter stories drain your phone battery quicker than usual.

Are you one of those people who are annoyed about your phone running out of its battery quickly and do not want the burden of carrying a battery pack with you? Or are you the one who is using applications more than a normal user?

If yes, then this article will help you find some great battery saving apps that will let you enjoy your movies and TV shows without any interruptions or having to worry about charging your phone before the battery runs out.

Here are some great android battery saver apps for Android phones which you can download and save tons on your battery usage. These apps will also not put you in a situation where you urgently need to make a call or send a text to your mother or snap a picture of an important moment or reply to an urgent email only to find out that your battery is dead.

Here is a list of Android Battery Saver Apps that you must use

Below is the given list of four battery saver apps that will save a lot of your time and make your life hassle-free:

  1. The Battery Doctor
  2. Avast Battery Saver
  3. GSam Battery Monitor
  4. ACCU Battery

The Battery Doctor

The Battery Doctor — one of the most popular and feature-rich battery saver applications is free and has tools such as battery monitory, energy saver, and power-saving profiles that can be defined and scheduled automatically.

It allows the user to check their battery level status quickly while tracking down the applications and processes that drain the life out of it. It is a multilingual app with support for more than 28 languages, plus it optimizes your battery power at the tap of your finger. Hence, The Battery Doctor is the best android battery saver app to maximize and extend the battery life of your phone.

Avast Battery Saver

Avast Battery Saver — the invention of the biggest antivirus brands has the tendency to improve and extend the battery life. With this battery saver app, the user can save the usage of battery by modifying the screen brightness, and internet connection.

This application also has an app viewer and in-profile notifications. The other significant features include a single master switch for turning the battery saving app on or off, smart technology that calculates and shows you how much of your battery life is left.

It is one of the best android battery saver apps that automatically deactivates all the application when the battery is about to die. Therefore, Avast Battery Saver must be on your list when considering to install apps for saving your battery.

GSam Battery Monitor

GSam Battery Monitor is the free Android battery saver app that gives exact and comprehensive details about your battery usage while providing the tools you need to identify the battery draining apps in a snap.

It also has an App Sucker tool which successfully shows app-based battery use, while unearthing CPU usage statistics and wake locks. The app also lets you specify the time intervals, view your usage statistics, and look up time estimates for your battery status based on present and past usage.

If you are one of those people who are frustrated with the phone’s battery and how frequently it gets drained, then GSam Battery Monitor is the best application that can resolve the issue in no time.

ACCU Battery

ACCU Battery — the leading Android battery saver app carefully monitors the strength of your battery while extending battery life with the charge alarm, and battery wears features. It offers the Accu-check battery tool, which measures the capacity of your battery in real time, and displays both the charge time and the remaining use time.

In addition to that, the PRO version removes ads that you would get with the free option. If you are looking for an app that can give detailed battery and CPU usage statistics in real time then ACCU Battery is a must to install. Its clever tools let you know when you have reached the optimal battery charging level.

10 Easy Tips to Enhance the Battery Life

The following ten easy and useful tips will help you in saving your battery and improving its life in no time:

  1. Buy the recommended brand battery
  2. Install android battery saver app of your choice
  3. Avoid playing games as they consume battery faster
  4. Better to turn off Bluetooth, GPS or Wi-Fi when not in use
  5. Keep the screen brightness at low to save the battery
  6. Turn the vibration option off as it uses more battery than ring
  7. Use still wallpapers because live wallpapers drain your battery
  8. Use Wi-Fi connectivity instead of cellular that drains battery life instantly
  9. Uninstall applications that are unnecessary or you do not use any longer
  10. Update your applications as they consume less battery power as compared to older versions

Why you should install Android Battery Saver Apps?

The Android Battery saver apps put those apps who consume a lot of battery in a state of hibernation, so they cannot access any resources, bandwidth, or run background processes. But this does not mean you cannot use the application.

With Android Battery Saver apps, you can run your applications normally and can stop all battery consuming applications, with the exception of important apps like your alarm clock, email, or messenger, or others that give important notifications unless you do not want them to.

Apple iTunes Logo

Apple’s iTunes Movie Rentals will blow your mind away!

Talk about watching Thanos sweeping his gigantic infinity gemstones fist across the screen or maybe dancing to the beat of Mama Mia 2, iTunes have got you covered with best cinematography in most affordable rentals. Wait what? ITunes and rentals? Yes, folks, it’s a true deal. Initially introduced for keeping up with your favorite tracks, iTunes now have taken a sharp turn with the launch of renting movies with best quality. And we can swear by it, it is no funny business! Now you can enjoy up to unlimited movie screenings from the comfort of your couch.

With most sweeping innovations under apple’s belt, iTunes rentals are a no big surprise. I mean what is the company NOT capable of eh? if you are an active apple user boy oh boy, you have an edge! this is your chance to buckle up your movie night game.

For all the apple user lovelies out there, you are just a single click away from enjoying the best of your favorite movies, without any buffering or hiccups. If you are wondering how useless reading this article might be because you absolutely despise apple but love its perks, well, a moment my friend. ITunes now have made this streaming service available for everyone, meaning non-apple users can now watch their favorite movies on you routinely l windows desktop. Regardless of being an apple user, now you are only a single click away from signing into iTunes account.  

Digging into what iTunes have to offer us, it seems like iTunes has done its homework well. Featuring vast genres of TV shows, from networks like ABC to HBO, iTunes have a lot to offer to its users.

Once you have logged in with your apple user account you can buy one episode at a time or follow up with an entire series featuring an option of ‘season pass’ as an additional perk. Having the option of season pass means that you are now able to view all previous and upcoming episodes of a series, once the new episode is released, you would be instantly notified via your email. However, iTunes does not spoil us just there, it further offers a multipass option, which will help you buy episodes yet to aired.

Your download would automatically start as soon as the fresh episode is available on iTunes. Of course, apple has never ceased to disappoint us with their quality, hence you can watch all your dramas in HD. Based on your personal preference you can also choose which season would you like to set as your default playing season, saving you much time and headache.

With iTunes on your watch now, each of your selection would include a detailed synopsis, short trailer, and an added information about the cast and crew along with other recommendations. You can also view rotten tomatoes reviews, just like those on google play.

It will also help you find similar finds to your search, with separate genres. Once you’ve played you movie you would be able to view it in cinema mode on full screen. Also on the website you would be able to find iTunes extras, which includes behind the lens footage and interview.

With iTunes, you might come across some ads if you are using window, but its settings also include setting up parental controls on like podcasts, music, radio shows and movies based on their ratings and reviews. Make sure if you are using a home system with children you well familiarize yourself with the sensitive content which may pop up on the screen. You would not come across any irrelevant hindrance once your iTunes are running smoothly on your IOS System.    

Before jumping into iTunes purchase head straight, make sure you have enough storage to be able to download movies and store them in the long run. To ensure best usage of your iTunes account, following is a step by step guide on how you can make most out of your iTunes Movie Rental.

Step by Step Guide to Use the iTunes Movie Rental

If you are an Apple user and are excited to get your hands on the best movies available on the iTunes library, then follow the following step by step guide below and enjoy the cinema experience at your home in no time.

1.Tap on the Video Tab

On your main management screen of your iTunes, find and tap on the tab for Video. Once you have rented the movie, you need to transfer it to your iDevice. 

2. Transfer the Movie to iPod or iPhone

Transfer your choice of movie directly on your iPhone or iPod, which can later be played on a bigger screen.

3. Tap on Apply to Resync

Make sure you sync all your downloaded movies with your apple record to keep a save record for your convenience. It might take some time to be able to sync your movies to your iDevices.

4. Enjoy Watching your iTunes Movie Rentals

Once your sync process has been completed, you can easily disconnect from your iDevice, your desktop and any other sync devices easily. With your movie on your screen you are good to go. Make sure you have a smooth running battery time to avoid any inconvenience and interruption in your movie play.

iTunes rentals usage alerts!

Once you have transferred your favorite movie from your desktop to your iDevice, the movie would no longer remain saved in your desktop. therefore, be mindful of the movies you are going to sync and watch. furthermore, you would need to plan your time of purchase and download carefully on the same day. In case you wait up to a week after download from your watch list, your movie would be expired before you would even have a chance to view it.

That’s all for your information folks!

iphone won't turn on

Four Ways to Fix Your iPhone That Will Not Turn On

If you are unable to turn on your iPhone, you may think about what the problem is or you may have to buy a new one. This is the common problem that most of the iPhone users have to face but there are myriad of ways to fix your iPhone before you decide to replace it with the new one.  

If you are unable to turn on your, then this article will describe you in detail all the steps you need to take to gain back access to your iPhone.  

There are multiple ways to fix this issue which are given below:

  1. Restart the iPhone
  2. Charge the iPhone
  3. Restore iPhone to Factory Settings
  4. Put iPhone into DFU Mode

1. Restarting your iPhone might help you in fixing the error

The option of restarting your iPhone may sound stupid and at times people will not even take it seriously. However, trust us when we say that restarting any device to get rid of the issue at hand is the simplest and quickest solution to the problems that may appear too big.

In case of still unable to turn on your iPhone even after restarting it, the next thing you should give a try to is to press the on/off button at the right corner of the phone for just a few seconds. This trick might help you in turning your phone on instantly.

In another scenario where the phone is on, you would probably see the slider appearing on the screen. It would be offering you to turn your phone off. You must turn it off and then turn it on to see if the problem still persists or not.

2. Connect the charger to your iPhone in order to fix the issue

Another useful trick to turn your iPhone on is through connecting it with the charger. Most of the times we do not realize that their battery is dead and once phone completely shuts off we think that the trouble is as big as something going wrong inside the machinery.

However, it is just the battery that is dead and nothing else and all you have to do is plug in your phone for charging. It is necessary to charge the iPhone to run the phone. To test this, you need to plug your phone into your computer or a wall charger.

Let it charge for a minimum of 15 to 30 minutes to see the result. It may turn on automatically or you may require to hold down the on/off button to switch on your iPhone. If you think your phone has run out of power but connecting it with the charger does not help, it might be possible that the cable of your charger is not working properly. In this case, you must try fixing this issue with another cable to check twice if the problem continues to exist or not.

3. Restoring iPhone to factory settings is another effective way

When the aforementioned options fail to work, then consider restoring your iPhone to its factory settings. This process erases all the data and settings on your phone. Before restoring, make sure to back up all your data and synchronize all the settings to avoid losing all of it and going back to square one.

This process can help solve a lot of problems including this particular one. Follow these simple steps to restore your iPhone:

  1. The first thing you need to do is plug in the iPhone’s USB cable or lightning cable to the port but do not plug in the other end to your computer or PC or Mac.
  2. You must hold down the iPhone’s Home button before plugging into your PC.
  3. Hold the Home button and plug the other end of the USB cable into your device
  4. This will open iTunes after which you must put the iPhone into recovery mode, and let iTunes completely restore the iPhone.

4. Putting iPhone into DFU Mode can help you resolve the issue

In some rare cases, your iPhone will not turn on because it simply does not boot up. This can happen after jailbreaking your iPhone or when you try to install an iOS update without enough battery life. In this case, try putting your phone into DFU mode to resolve the problem.

Follow these easy steps that are given below:

  1. Plug your iPhone into your computer, laptop or any other available device.
  2. Hold down the on/off button for 3 seconds, and then release these buttons.
  3. Hold down the on/off button and Home button together for about 10 seconds.
  4. Release the on/off button but keep holding the Home button for about 5 seconds.
  5. If the screen stays black and nothing appears, you are in DFU Mode.
  6. The next you will be shown certain on-screen instructions that you must follow to get rid of the issue at hand.

If any of the above options fails to help, contact the authorized source

If your iPhone still fails to turn on after all of these steps, it is possible that the issue might be too complicated to fix it on your own. In this case, you should contact an authorized source or Apple company to set up an appointment.  You must check the status of your iPhone’s warranty before you go since that could save your money on repairs.

However, before you decide to go to an Apple Store or any repair center you need to make sure that you have tried all of the possible troubleshooting steps to resolve the error at hand.

Moreover, you must do extensive research on the best repair centers that are certified in your area. Once you have done your research and do not have an ounce of doubt in their credibility, only then you should trust them with your phone because many untrained people and non-experts end up damaging the phone more making it unrecoverable.

iOS Apps

The 2018 Best iOS Apps!

The Best iOS Apps come packed in all kinds of prices and some even for free such as in the fantastic offers of “free app of this week” or in an advanced premium package that you just cannot resist. However, inevitably the Best iOS Apps generally are then ones which become significant right from the moment you install and use them. This article talks in details about the Top Three 2018 Best iOS Apps that you can instantly download and get addicted to!

1.     The Best iOS App for DJ: Pyro

It is quiet essential to have a professional DJ App installed on your device because life without music is simply unimaginable. Pyro is that app which will allow you to create your own playlists from the music that you have locally downloaded on your device or from your Spotify Premium account.

Slow motion of young woman with touch pad in the evening city. She typing and sending message in chat. Blurred street with lights and people in background

Now the job of Pyro is to mix and match various songs like a real DJ would- and this is the magic of this app because the artificial intelligence combines all your tunes with one another despite of what the music tempo is. Pyro is not just an app for professional DJs, in fact it is a revolutionized way to listen to music on your iDevices.


  • The app integrates all Spotify music in a simple manner and operates smoothly.
  • The matching of the beats makes sure that there a smooth transition in between songs.


  • Huge playlists can appear cluttered on small screen displays.

2.     The Best iOS App for VPN: Tunnel Bear

Virtual Private Network which is abbreviated as VPN lets you get connected privately onto the internet and allows you to stay anonymous in your browsing. Out of the many VPN Apps available on the play store, the Tunnel Bear has so far managed to stay in the list of the Best iOS Apps. The app offers a free 500 MB of data but you can buy more if the need be. It is a highly user friendly VPN app.


  • You can instantly get connected to the internet anonymously.
  • Their pricing spans out over the year or in annual terms.
  • Tunnel Bear will not log in your IP address.


  • VPNs will slow your connection speeds overall and same is the case with Tunnel Bear.
  • It can run extremely slow when you change network connections on your device.

3.     The Best iOS App for Artistic Photo Editing: Enlight Photofox – Photo Editor

Enlight Photofox is an amazing photo editing app that is absolutely free of cost. It is available in the section for in-app purchases to be used in multiple advanced functions however it can easily be used even without them. You will be able to alter color, saturation, exposure, light etc either manually or you can simply apply configured presets to make your images professionally edited.

Enlight Photofox is highly convenient to use in terms of combining multiple layers of images which lets you compose professional artistic skills on your images. The Photofox also offers incredible tutorial videos and has a wide user community that you can turn to for queries and help.


  • There are many cool editing tools that this app has to offer ranging from basic to professional.
  • Video and audio tutorials make sure you get well acquainted with the app and its features.
  • The free version of the app has a lot to offer!


  • $70 for a premium upgrade sounds a hefty amount of money even if you opt for the monthly subscription.
Best Smart Phones (2019)

The 2019 Best Smart Phones!

When it comes to smart phones, it becomes difficult to say with surety that which one stands at the top among all the others. This is also due to the fact that there are huge differences between the iOS and Apple operating systems and the other preferences such as the camera, games, screen display and of course the price. At times all the features are equally good in two brands and it becomes confusing to decide which one to invest in.

Even though it is difficult to name a winner among all smart phones but for every category there indeed is a clear winner considering its specifications and features that are offered. This article will talk about the best smart phones in 2019 that have been launched and have stood out in every aspect and have managed to make all customers happy.

1.     Best of Apple: iPhone Xs

The legitimate successor to the throne of iPhone X has definitely been the iPhone Xs which is essentially an effective updated version of a new face to an iPhone. However when we sit and imagine as to how incredible the iPhone X was, its incremental update generates room for even further high expectations among the users. In the list of Best Smart Phones of 2019, it was imperative that we included Xs instead of the Xs Max because of the price!

This iPhone has a dual 12MP camera at the back of the handset which provides you with a huge-angle and telephoto lens which further provides you with impeccable resolution to play around with. The front camera is of a good 7MP which is just a refresher in the software set up. However iPhone has introduced range stabilization at each end of the phone with extra tools such as the HDR composite layers and its ability to alter the bokeh blur in the portrait mode.

2.     Best of Android: Pixel 2

Let us begin with the unique Pixel 2 specs which was launched his year with a unibody constructed metal design which gives it the ability for water resistance. The phone comes with a processor of Snapdragon 835 which can withstand up to 7 hours of constant use with only 5 minutes of charging, doesn’t this sound absolutely magical? The phone has an advanced 12.2 MP camera at its back which has an impeccable multi exposure ability with the “dual-pixel” straight by Google and a good 8 MP front camera.

The phone has a AMOLED screen display of 5 inches that has a 1920 x 1080 resolution which comes equipped with built-in security specs, a chip and 3 years worth of embedded security updates from Android and of course it also includes the Google Play Protect. The phone operates on the recent most Android 8 Oreo OS with a space of either 64 or 128 GB, sensors for active edge, stereo speakers on a super sleek hand held design.

3.     Best of Android Runner-Up: Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy 9 has an attractive design with an enhanced camera quality and advanced tools and has everything that a good smart phone needs to be included in the list of Best Smart Phones of 2019. It comes with an AMOLED display of 5.8-inch Quad HD+ while its screen is an amalgamation of bright colors that pop up in the room!

The phone supports HDR content which means that you can watch the best quality content with the best sound from its in built dual stereo speakers which have a 40% enhanced sound quality then the last model of the Galaxy S model. The phone has a renewed Snapdragon 845 processor comprising of 4GB of RAM, which can operate multiple applications in the background. ​

Best Compass Apps

The Best Compass Apps!

If you are someone who frequently spends time hiking, or in the woods then compass is one essential that you cannot just forget to pack. Hence if you have a conventional compass device that you must pack each time you are out on the road then it is time that you ditch it because with a smart phone, you simply don’t need the weight of a compass on you anymore. There are multiple apps for a compass and this article enlists some of the Best Compass Apps for both Android and iDevices that you can instantly download.

If you are an Apple user then you must know that all iPhone now come equipped with a built-in compass which you can find in your Extras folder or your Utilities folder. All you have to do is follow the shown prompts for the calibration of the compass especially when you are using it for the very first time.

1.     The Best Compass App: Compass

If you wish to own a compass app that works for free on your Android devices to be used during camps, off road tours or other adventures or for letting your friends know your whereabouts then “Compass” app definitely fits the profile.

The Perks

  • Compass makes use of your mobile network and the GPS location services to find the “true north”
  • It can easily locate your magnetic north and will display the strength of the magnetic field to check for any possible interference.
  • You will be able to copy, access and share your exact coordinates on the map.

The Drawbacks

  • It isn’t compatible with any of the Apple devices.
  • If you put your phone’s display on landscape, you will not be able to view all the icons and your exact directions for calibration of the compass.
  • The app also needs to be calibrated every now and then.

2.     Best Compass App for Off-Road: Smart Compass

This Android app is essentially a branch of the collection of the Smart Tools apps which provides useful apps such as the metal detector, space measurement apps etc.

The Perks

  • This particular app for Android devices comprises of a telescope as well as night vision, mode for Google maps that can be switched to street map view or satellite map view.
  • Standard mode of this app makes use of your camera to get a real view of your direction.
  • The app also has a GPS speedometer in addition to the option for screen capture.

The Drawbacks

  • Cannot be downloaded on Apple devices.
  • If you wish to get rid of the advertisements in between, you will need to purchase a premium version of this app.

3.     Best Compass App for Exploration: Digital Compass

This is an Apple app which gives many choices and outdoor expedition options.

The Perks

  • This app contains up to 10 various options for the compasses.
  • In addition to your current location and true north direction, you can use this app to open up the map and access the direction of your selected location to where you are headed.
  • The app also has a drop down list of many cities across the globe so that you can view their orientation from your present location.

The Drawbacks

  • Cannot be downloaded on Android phones or tablets.
  • To get rid of the on screen advertisements, you will have to purchase its premium version.

4.     Best Compass App for Boating: Compass Steel 3D

This app will pop open a request for permission which you must not worry about. This app will need to access the exact coordinates of your location to conduct proper calculations and you will need these when you are stuck in the middle of a water body such as a river or a sea.

The Perks

  • When you turn or tilt your phone in your hand, this compass app will move around in three dimensions just like a real compass device will move in your palm.
  • You will be provided both true north and magnetic field (the app will contain the variation) and you do not need internet access or network services for this compass app to operate properly in middle of the sea.

The Drawbacks

  • You may need to calibrate it frequently.
  • It cannot be downloaded on your Apple devices.
Chromebook Apps

The Best Chromebook Apps!

There is a very common misunderstanding regarding Chromebooks among all users who essentially believe that Chromebooks are basically PCs with bare-bones which provides web browser services along with other functions at a cost that can be easily afforded. Even though the laptops that are operating on the Chrome OS do not provide a wide range of software that can be otherwise used on other operating systems such as Mac and Windows, Their tool set can significantly be increased by the installation of apps offered by Chromebooks.

There are many Chrome apps available on the Play Store and it can be a laborious process to find the best one out of these hence this article will talk in detail about the Top Three Best Chromebook Apps that you can download and reap benefits from.

1.     Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop has been a forever favorite on the Web Store as it lets you remotely sign in to any other PC through the Google’s browser given you have the permission! This app can be very useful in unforeseen situations where you want to help out a friend, relative or your office mate even if they are half way across the world from you. You can even access your own documents on your PC from a remote place.

The Perks
Chrome Remote Desktop lets you cross platform and allows you to open up Linux, Chrome OS, Windows and Mac given that they are operating on the Chrome browser.

The Drawbacks
You may have to face issues with the stability of connection especially when browsing sessions have been way too long.

2.     DocuSign

If you wish to add John Hancock to a contract document or any other type of file, you will have to pick up a pen and then put it on paper or you could given this to your recipient and then drop it in the mail. However now you do not need to do this because eSignatures are a crazy trend in today’s world where they are considered a legal binding in a lot of cases, you can easily pen down your eSignature and submit important files in a matter of moments using Chromebook.

It is in sync with your Gmail Account and your Google Drive and the app of DocuSign will allow you to sign any PDF documents as well using your email provider.

The Perks
DocuSign has made a time consuming and laborious process highly convenient even for the people who are not so technical.

The Drawbacks
You will have to make a payment when you have to send more than three files with your eSignatures.

3.     Spotify

Spotify gives its users an open access to a huge music collection with millions of song titles which can be searched by song names, artist name or the album in fact even the genre. The app has the ability to change your Chromebook into an amalgamation of music beats that no professional DJ can compete with and you can sing your favorite songs or find new addictive tunes and much more.

The Perks
This app has the option of creating and storing playlists with a highly advanced search engine.

The Drawbacks
Many Chromebook users have filed complains about the annoying apps that pop up in the app and take over the playback music resulting in a poor experience.