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Everything you love about breakfast: IHOP Survey

Yes, you read that right. Everything you love about breakfast at one place is a place come true. Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day and it should be perfect to keep you energetic throughout the day. A good breakfast in the morning can lift up your mood and motivate you to do better throughout the day. IHOP is the best place to get the breakfast that will keep you going for the day. To tell them how awesome they are just fill in the IHOP Survey.

About IHOP

IHOP is America based multinational breakfast chain and casual eatery. It was found in 1958 in California. It specializes in pancakes, muffins, eggs, bread, coffee, tea, shakes, parfait, waffles and a lot more. Mainly it is popular for pancakes. As IHOP also stand for International House of Pancakes.

Instructions with Images

IHOP serves the best breakfast in United States. It is popular for its fluffiest pancakes and freshly brewed coffee. It takes special care of its valuable customers and yet welcomes theirs suggestions and feedbacks to do better for them. IHOP Survey is designed to get the insight of the customers and give them even more in term of menu and services. The survey is simple and short. It won’t take much of your time. And plus below is the description of each step you have to perform to take the survey. So you do not have to figure out on your own. We’ll help you with it.

  1. Open the link www.tellihop.com on your web browser to take the IHOP survey
  2. The official page of IHOP Survey will open in the browser. It will look like this
  1. Choose a language from English and Español in which you want to take the IHOP Survey
  2. Click NEXT aster the selection of language
  3. Now a page will open where you have to enter the survey code from the receipt of your last visit at IHOP
  1. You can find the survey code on the receipt printed at the bottom of it at step 2
  1. Enter the survey code in the dialogue box and click NEXT to proceed the IHOP Survey
  2. On the completion of survey you’ll receive a coupon code which you are supposed to write on the receipt and show it at IHOP to redeem the offer

Are you Eligible?

The IHOP Survey has set an eligibility criteria to make the survey process manageable. This way they can prevent the server to be loaded. The eligibility criteria for the IHOP survey is simple and is to be kept in mind before taking the IHOP Survey to avoid any inconvenience.

Participant must;

  • Be 18 years old or older than this
  • Have the printed receipt not 3 days older from IHOP
  • Be a legal resident of the US
  • Possess a National ID

If all the above mentioned points are fulfilled then you are eligible to take the IHOP Survey.

Winner Notification

The IHOP Survey team has offered an incentive on the completion of the survey. The ones that will fill in the survey will become a part of the monthly lucky draw and will get a coupon code that will be used to redeem the offer. The winners list will be posted on the official site of IHOP Survey and will be notified through email, text message and call. The winners will be given the free vouchers of IHOP.

Rules and Regulations

IHOP is a multinational breakfast chain. It gives keen focus on the regulatory process of the system. Same way the IHOP Survey has also some rules and regulations to keep the whole process hurdle and glitch free. The rules are must to follow for each and every participant who take the test. The following are the simple set of rules set by IHOP Survey.

  1. The participant must have the legal documents required for taking the IHOP Survey
  2. The receipt must be genuine
  3. The IHOP Survey must be taken within the three days of the last visit
  4. The due dates are to be strictly followed
  5. No entrée will be entertained after the due date
  6. The information submitted at the time of survey will not be changed under any circumstances
  7. The results announced by the IHOP Survey team must be respected and considered final
  8. Company would have complete right to cancel any entrée at any time considering the situation

Contact Information

You can directly contact IHOP on their website at http://www.ihop.com/contact-us and fill in the form given by them to ask for any query or suggestion and comments. In case you feel like talking to any customer care representative, you may call at 1-866-444-5144.

IHOP Survey Team’s Message

IHOP Survey Team with all the gratitude thank all the participants for taking the survey and for helping us do better and keep serving you with our great service. This survey shows your concern for us. And in response we will get better to show we care. Thank you!

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