How to fix iPhone White Screen?

If there is nothing you can see on your display except the blank iPhone White Screen without any apps then you have a serious issue at your hands. In this case your iPhone is suffering from the iPhone White Screen diseases also famously referred to as the iPhone White Screen of Death. Even though this name may induce fear however it isn’t always the case. This article will explain you all the necessary measures that you need to take to get rid of the iPhone White Screen Error.

The Triple-Finger Tap to fix iPhone White Screen

Even though the Triple-Finger Tap will not always get rid of the iPhone White Screen for you however there is at least some chance that this will solve the issue. It could be that you have switched on the screen magnification by mistake and if this is indeed the case then a super close zoomed in screen would appear to be white.

In order to correct this magnification take three fingers and double press on the screen display which will bring your screen back to normal in case it was magnified. To switch off this magnification, go to the section for Settings then to General and then tap on Accessibility and finally to Zoom which you must switch Off.

Perform a Hard Reset on your iPhone to fix iPhone White Screen

At ties the best troubleshooting fix to get rid of any error is to simply restart your iPhone. However under serious situations it is prudent to perform a hard reset on your iPhone. This is a kind of restart that doesn’t ask you to look at or even see your display and it also wipes off all the memory of your iPhone. This is how you can hard reset your iPhone:

  1. Press the Home button and the side button simultaneously on your iPhone and if you have an iPhone 7 then press the volume decrease button and the side button simultaneously
  2. Press these buttons until the screen shows the Apple Logo.
  3. Now you can release these buttons and let your phone restart normally.

Use the DFU Mode to fix iPhone White Screen

If nothing else works then you can try the DFU Mode to fix the iPhone White Screen:

  1. Get your phone connected to your PC and open up iTunes.
  2. Now switch off your iPhone.
  3. The next step will now depend on the model of iPhone you use:
    • For iPhone X and 8: Tap the Side button for a good 3 seconds and then keep pressing the Side button for at least 10 seconds, if the Apple Logo pops up then you need to repeat this again. Now let go of the Side button but keep holding the volume decrease button for at least 5 seconds. If you screen remains blank and doesn’t open up the Recovery Mode then you have safely shifted to the DFU Mode.
    • For iPhone 7: Press the Side  button and volume decrease button simultaneously and keep pressing them for 10 seconds once again if the Apple Logo appears then start from scratch. Now release the Sleep/Wake button and keep pressing the volume decrease button for an additional 5 seconds. If the screen appears blank you are in DFU Mode. 
    • For iPhone 6S and earlier versions: Press the Home button and the side button for at least 10 seconds. Then release the side button and keep pressing the home button for at least 5 seconds. If your screen is totally blank, you have activated the DFU Mode.
  4. Then keep doing as the iTunes tell you on your PC’s screen.

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