Disabled Apple ID

How to fix Disabled Apple ID?

A functional Apple ID is imperative for every user who wishes to have a smooth experience with their iDevices hence a Disabled Apple ID is nothing short of a disaster. If for some reason your Apple ID gets disabled then you will be handicapped in terms of purchasing things such as apps or perform updates or add any subscription. So a Disabled Apple ID is essentially a huge problem however the fixes are simply to implement and are described in this article.

How can you know about a Disabled Apple ID?

Apple will send you a notification the moment Disabled Apple ID is recognized by its servers. You will get a chance to take necessary actions to recover your and Apple will inform you in detail regarding the issue at hand. The message can vary from user o user however the most common ones are quoted below:

  1. “This Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons”
  2. “This Apple ID has been locked for security reasons.”
  3. “You can’t sign in because your account was disabled for security reasons”

If any of these messages pop up on your screen then you definitely have a Disabled Apple ID at your hands.

Why the problem of Disabled Apple ID occurs?

Of course the million dollar question here is that why the Apple ID gets disabled in the first place? The most logical answer to this is because of security reasons. Apple disables Apple ID on their own when anyone attempts to sign in a lot of times with the incorrect password or answers the security questions incorrectly or use any other account details.

This can happen if you have forgotten your password or have been typing the incorrect password a lot of times. The other reason could be that any unauthorized individual is attempting to access your Apple ID.

The procedure that many hackers use is that they sign in to your account by guessing passwords and will put your apple ID to risk of being disabled because Apple disabled your account to keep it safe from any unauthorized intrusion. In that case the real owner of that account is the only one who can retrieve the Disabled Apple ID.  Remember that a Disabled Apple ID will not let you sign in to your account even if you enter the correct password and hence you need to re-activate your Apple ID account to be able to use it.

Steps to Fix a Disabled Apple ID

The process used for reactivating your Disabled Apple ID is quite straightforward and is described in detail below for you to follow:

  1. This process begins by accessing the official website of apple for resetting your Apple ID at the following link: https://iforgot.apple.com/
  2. Attempt signing to your Apple account with the username which is the registered email address and your correct password.
  3. If you still cannot access your account or cannot recall your correct password then click on the option for “Reset your Apple ID password.”
  4. Whatever option you opt for, keep following the shown instructions to re-enable your Disabled Apple ID or to be able to reset your Apple ID Password.

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