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How to fix a Wet iPhone?

No matter how cautious we remain about our smart phones especially an expensive device like iPhone, they do tend to get wet at some point by accident or mistake. This is something that we cannot just avoid. Sometimes drinks can get spilled on them or they may drop in a tub or kids may wet an iPhone during a water fight, whatever the case may me a Wet iPhone is inevitable at some point in time.

You must take comfort in the fact that a Wet iPhone doesn’t equate to a dud phone. Even though there are Wet iPhones which cannot be salvaged but still the tips and tricks described in this article might be able to retrieve your Wet iPhone or any other iDevice in fact.

Invest in iPhone 7 or Newer Models

The simplest step is to save money and buy the newer iPhone models from iPhone 7 and later on which are water resistant completely and have been assigned an IP67 rating. This essentially means that your iPhone can breathe even in 3.3 feet (1 meter) height of water for a good half an hour. Besides you don’t need to fret over spilling any drink or water over your iPhone 7 or the later models of iPhone because if it dries instantly then you are good to go.

Dry Your Wet iPhone

  1. Never turn it on:If your Wet iPhone has been damaged by water then don’t try to switch it on as yet. This can short circuit the inner machinery and cause even further damage to your iPhone. You must stay away from all that can affect the functionality of the machinery inside such as the sound and the screen display. If your Wet iPhone was already off when it suffered water damage then you are good however if your device is on you must instantly switch it off.
  2. Remove casing:If you have covered your iPhone with a casing then instantly remove it. This will help your Wet iPhone dry quickly and completely because water droplets can remain inside the casing as well.
  3. Shake out the water:According to how your iPhone got wet, you might be able to find water droplets inside your headphones, lightning cable etc. Shake these accessories to drain out as much water as you can.
  4. Wipe down the water:After you have shaken out the water, take a towel and wipe your Wet iPhone from any excessive droplets. Try using a cloth that doesn’t leave any moisture behind.

Your Best Solution: Just Let It Dry

The easiest method of salvaging your Wet iPhone is to just let it dry on its own. You can do this using the following tips:

  1. Take out the SIM card:You need to get as much dry air as possible in the Wet iPhone since you cannot take out the battery and there aren’t many windows in iPhone the slot from the SIM card can do the job even though it isn’t that big it still can help a lot in drying. But keep your SIM card somewhere safe.
  2. Keep your iPhone in some warm place:When you have gotten rid of as much visible moisture from your Wet iPhone then keep your device still switched off and put your iPhone in some warm dry place for some time. Leave it on your TV or any other device so that the heat generated from these appliances can help dry out your Wet iPhone.

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