How to Change Windows Password?

There are many valid reasons for which one might want to Change Windows Password on your Windows PC. Although technically one must change their Windows Password every now and then because it is wise to do for if you want your PC to remain safe from unauthorized intrusion. Also you might need to Change Windows Password if your current set password is too obvious to be guessed by anyone.

Whatever the reason may be, changing Windows password is a straightforward task regardless of the version of Windows which you are using by simply accessing the section for User Accounts in the Control Panel.

It might be that some of the steps to Change Windows Password may differ between various operating systems so clear out your confusions in this guide. This article intends to guide you on how to efficiently Change Windows Password on your Windows 10 or Windows 8 device.

Windows 10 and Windows 8

  1. Access your Control Panel. The simplest way to do this on Windows 10 is to simply type in Control Panel in the search bar of your Start Menu while on Windows 8, you can access the menu for Power User by pressing the WIN+X keys simultaneously.
  2. Then press the link for User Accounts on Windows 10, and the User Accounts and Family Safety option on Windows 8.
  3. Now in the option for “make changes to your account” in the section of User Accounts, you need to click the button for Make changes.
  4. Now launch the Sign-in options tab present on the left side.
  5. Right beneath the window for Password you must press the button for Change.
  6. Then type in your current password in the very first field and hit
  • If you are using Windows 10, enter your new password two times for verification. You can also add a password hint which is optional which can be used under times when you forget your password when signing in.
  • If you are using Windows 8, then you must type in your recent password in the area assigned for Change your Microsoft account password and then enter the password you want to set currently in the next two fields for verification.
  1. Then hit the Next
  2. In the end press Finish to close the window for Change your password or the window for You changed your password.
  3. Now that you have Changed your Windows password you must type in your new password to sign in to your Windows device.
  4. Another option you can use to Change Windows Password is by creating a reset disk for Windows password. Even though this isn’t necessary to do it but we recommend that you do so.

How to fix Disabled Apple ID?

A functional Apple ID is imperative for every user who wishes to have a smooth experience with their iDevices hence a Disabled Apple ID is nothing short of a disaster. If for some reason your Apple ID gets disabled then you will be handicapped in terms of purchasing things such as apps or perform updates or add any subscription. So a Disabled Apple ID is essentially a huge problem however the fixes are simply to implement and are described in this article.

How can you know about a Disabled Apple ID?

Apple will send you a notification the moment Disabled Apple ID is recognized by its servers. You will get a chance to take necessary actions to recover your and Apple will inform you in detail regarding the issue at hand. The message can vary from user o user however the most common ones are quoted below:

  1. “This Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons”
  2. “This Apple ID has been locked for security reasons.”
  3. “You can’t sign in because your account was disabled for security reasons”

If any of these messages pop up on your screen then you definitely have a Disabled Apple ID at your hands.

Why the problem of Disabled Apple ID occurs?

Of course the million dollar question here is that why the Apple ID gets disabled in the first place? The most logical answer to this is because of security reasons. Apple disables Apple ID on their own when anyone attempts to sign in a lot of times with the incorrect password or answers the security questions incorrectly or use any other account details.

This can happen if you have forgotten your password or have been typing the incorrect password a lot of times. The other reason could be that any unauthorized individual is attempting to access your Apple ID.

The procedure that many hackers use is that they sign in to your account by guessing passwords and will put your apple ID to risk of being disabled because Apple disabled your account to keep it safe from any unauthorized intrusion. In that case the real owner of that account is the only one who can retrieve the Disabled Apple ID.  Remember that a Disabled Apple ID will not let you sign in to your account even if you enter the correct password and hence you need to re-activate your Apple ID account to be able to use it.

Steps to Fix a Disabled Apple ID

The process used for reactivating your Disabled Apple ID is quite straightforward and is described in detail below for you to follow:

  1. This process begins by accessing the official website of apple for resetting your Apple ID at the following link:
  2. Attempt signing to your Apple account with the username which is the registered email address and your correct password.
  3. If you still cannot access your account or cannot recall your correct password then click on the option for “Reset your Apple ID password.”
  4. Whatever option you opt for, keep following the shown instructions to re-enable your Disabled Apple ID or to be able to reset your Apple ID Password.

Raspberry Pi-Better than your Table Strawberry Pie

If you opened this written piece in order to look for a recipe of a scrumptious Raspberry Pie or simply to scroll through the pictures of crumbly, crispy pies then sorry to burst your bubble because this is not the Pie you are expecting it to be in fact it is the Raspberry Pie Computer. This is a special sort of a computer that costs nothing more than $30 and is so portable that it can fit within the comfort of your pocket.

Now who would not want a mini computer so small and convenient that it can fit in the pocket and can be taken anywhere you travel without going through the hassle and burden of packing it everywhere and every day even for office? Of course each one of us from the working class or student class wants such a computer and in that case Raspberry Pi is the most obvious choice which is what this article will dig into in case any of our beloved readers is planning on buying it.

A brilliant concept, Raspberry Pi is a cheap yet worthy investment if you want to take portable computers into consideration. Imagine carrying a tiny PC at the back of your pocket. And just when we thought technology might be losing its edge, we come across creations as these, benefitting people all over again.

Let’s first look into what Raspberry Pi Computer actually is?

Raspberry pie is a low cost credit-card sized computer which you can easily plug into other devices such as computers and TVs. Light on your pocket, you can easily walk with this portable device in your pocket accessing data from anywhere in the world. The biggest appeal of this device is it’s easy to use technology. You can always use it on the go. It can work its way around like any other computer device, from browsing the internet, using word, making spreadsheets, watching HD videos and playing all sorts of game. How fascinating is that?

Let’s explain what the functions of this little board are and why you want it and why it has huge following:

  • A picture to start with

Raspberry pie is called $30 computer but don’t get confused because it’s just a board not a computer with screen and devices.

Some Salient Features of the Raspberry Pi Computer

  • It is micro computer specially designed for education. It has all the components like a desktop pc.
  • Main part of this is known as Pi – the GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) header.
  • It also runs a full desktop operating system.
  • It is a computer but don’t like a home computer.
  • It can act as an emulator, allowing access to your favorite console games.
  • Any directly media center can turn it into a cheap Fire TV
  • It can LITERALLY control an espresso machine
  • Raspberry pie is low power computer and it is mostly powered by USB power supply and it offers great performance

What Raspberry Pi is actually used for?

Raspberry Pi attracts fans from all generations. It is more towards programming and electronics and specially designed for students with skills and interests in computer. Students who are especially interested in learning new software languages, this device can tutor them in a low cost budget. Apart from designed for such purposes, Raspberry Pi can also be used as music machines, parent detectors, weather detectors or be used as an in-built infra red cameras. There are countless ways where you can make technical use of this brilliant technology concept.

What functions can be performed using a Raspberry Pi computer?

Initially started off as an all educational business setup, Raspberry Pi improves your coding skills and increases your interest in hardware and electronics. Can be used to add physical outlets there are a large number of users that simply buy a Pi as an alternative to other devices. There are lots of other uses too and are increasing day by day. You can connect it to your machines, carry it around as a mini music instrument, enhance your knowledge skills with all there is to learn about programming or game away your idle time while sitting in a subway.

Why is Raspberry Pi so famous in the public?

A big bargained PC for such a small price, Raspberry Pi popularity and ongoing success is due to its low price and huge fan following. As it only costs $30 so it is popular among school children and professional programmers. There is still no competition in the market because of its outstanding fan following and promising technology. First of its kind, Raspberry Pi computer outstands all other portable mini devices which were introduced for same purposes but unfortunately or fortunately failed. Encapsulating mind-blowing technology in such a small capacity, Raspberry Pi is increasing in business by every passing day.

From where can you purchase Raspberry Pi?

Referring to our guide which is coming soon, as it can be a bit confused in the early stages due to different models. Somehow you can’t wait for the longer time here are the countries you can get a hand on Raspberry Pie

Perspective of America, Britain and other countries on Raspberry Pi Computer

Other countries do have Pi shops here and there, but popularity isn’t as strong as the UK and USA. Quick look on the local search for a better result.

You can Go and get a Raspberry pie and enjoy a $30 computer.

Hopefully I’ve satisfied your confusion between real raspberry pie and computer known as raspberry. This technology would hardly be available anywhere else. So in case if you know someone who is crazy about programming, or if you would want your own customized form of PC which you can easily carry anywhere, Raspberry Pi is your best shot!

How to Disable WPS?

Let us make the assumption, that you are already aware of how default administrators password thingy works for every device. Definitely, one way or another it is different for each device. However, what we do not know at times is about how neglected yet important feature WPS is for your server. Many routers have an in built system for WPS, which gives us a definite impression that is a vital feature for your home based networking device.

Now putting this aside let us first understand what is, how to be sure that is no monkey business!

WPS can defined as a secure feature in your networking device which protects your WiFi setup. apart from securing your network, it allows your outer to reach out and connect easily to other setups such as your Sky TV box or game consoles.

How Does WPS Work?

we have often seen WPS poping beside our Wi-Fi settings. in this article we would help you understand what WPS really stands for. the main insight on introducing WPS as a protected system was that you press a button on your router allowing the automatic repairing of your system, without you trying to get your hands all soaked into complex technical configuration.

If you are wondering how can you do that for your device if there is already no WPS there, then keep reading we have got you covered there too!

in case your device does not have WPS button, your router can be setup. all you need is a PIN for your setup screen, for your device to create a connection. this is will actually mush more helpful then those WPA password often provided by the routers.

Now, how come PIN can still be a problem? most PINs are eight digit numbers which can be easily hacked. It might take you and i some time to determine what the 8 digit password can be. but for people who know the math, it would come down to as simple as installing a software and determining the PIN in a matter of few minutes.

Does It Matter If Somebody Uses Your Wi-Fi Connection? 

For hackers, after using the right software,unauthorized users can easily gain access to your WiFi connection.

Once they have the access, this is usually what they can do;

  • Keep an eye on all the traffic sent to and from your computer.
  • all kinds of illegal data can be easily downloaded using your network. 
  • Your data would be at risk, as your computer system can now be easily hacked.
  • other Hard disks can be easily accessed present at your home
  • they can have easy access to your router settings, and can easily change your settings as well.
  • Your network can become the exchange hub of illegal or unauthorized data, jeopardizing your own security apart from you data information.

How to Disable WPS

there are several ways you can disable your WPS system. there are various WPS router manufacturer out there. we have carefully compiled a list. feel free to choose suited best for your router.

Apple Airport

Most WPS is not available on the company’ devices, ensuring that you are already protected from any sort of breach.


Here is how you can set it up

  1. Open a web browser
  2. type
  3. Enter your details (make sure to be very specific about it)
  4. Create a good password and admin id
  5. Now Click Advanced Settings > Wireless
  6. Now click and Choose WPS from the tab.
  7. Now go to the Enable WPS option and ensure to switch it off.


  1. Open the web browser
  2. Now type (or http://router).
  3. Click the Login (it would in the top-right corner)
  4. Now enter the router’s password and click on Submit.
  5. Click on the Wi-Fi Protected Setup under the Wireless menu.
  6. Disable the changes and Save them.


They are always protected and not affected by the WPS settings.

Cisco Systems

  1. You might find different settings and problems with this once.
  2. Got to the browser. Find your specific IP address. You would find default usernames and passwords for your specific hardware.
  3. Click on the Wireless Wi-Fi Protected Setup option from the menu.
  4. Click on the Off option to disable WPS.
  5. Now click on Save to apply your changes settings.


  1. Go to your browser
  2. Type into the address bar.
  3. Using the default username and password, Login to the setup.
  4. Now Click on the Setup tab.
  5. Click and Remove the check next to the option given ‘Enable’ in Wi-Fi Protected Setup.
  6.  Save your new settings.


  1. Open the browser
  2. Type the url
  3. Enter the default username and password
  4. Click on the Advanced Setup and got to the Wireless Settings.
  5. Under the WPS Settings, disable the Router’s pin box option.
  6. Click on Apply, to save your settings.


  1. Open a browser 
  2. Type
  3. Login to the router settings page (default username: admin and password: admin).
  4. Click WPS under the Wireless menu.
  5. Change the WPS drop-down list option to Disable.
  6. Click Apply.


  1. Open the browser
  2. Type
  3. Login to the router settings, using your admin and password.
  4. Click on the WPS option.
  5. Click on the blue button to ensure you have disabled WPS.


As the company likes to claim, Linksys routers are no longer affected by the WPS problem. However, that all remains in theory. They do however, protect your passwords and prevent any sort of cyber assault on your networks. Therefore, with this one you might not be able to find disabling WPN option.