Android Virus

How to get rid of Android Virus?

Even though an Android Virus is a rare phenomenon however apps infected with malware are indeed present on the Google Play store. The third party apps that aren’t accessible on the Google Play store are more of a threat because Google hasn’t had the chance to verify them as safe. If you download these malicious third party apps then your phone can potentially slow down, your private information will be at risk such as your banking details, passwords etc can be exposed to hackers. Hence it is imperative that you get rid of Android Virus and this article will guide you on how you can do it.

Could your Phone be infected with an Android Virus?

If your device is infected with the Android Virus then you will notice the symptoms because the performance of your phone will definitely be affected. Your phone may slow down significantly or you may see that your data is being used abnormally. In the worst case scenarios you will find that third party unknown apps getting installed on your device. If your phone has a malicious app then an alert notification warning you about this malware will not appear.

However the good news is that if your device has a virus then removing it is an easy process and in majority of the cases all your data on your phone will also remain intact and in fact this is a good point where we need to emphasize that you must create a back up of your data every now and then.

Step by Step Guide to get rid of the Android Virus?

  1. The very first task in this procedure of removing Android Virus is to first complete the rebooting of your phone while it is in the safe mode. Now according to your Android model, you can do two things to switch on the safe mode.
  • The first thing you can do is hold the power button present on your Android handheld device and then press and then hold the power to switch off. Now press OK when your phone prompts you to reboot in the safe mode.
  • If this process doesn’t seem to do anything for you then tap and keep holding the power button and then click on power off. Now press the power button one more time till the logo of the device’s manufacturer pops up on the screen after which you must press the volume decrease button till your phone finishes powering back on and you can see the Safe Mode option at your screen’s bottom.
  1. When your phone is in the Safe Mode, access the section for Settings then go to Apps and finally to Downloaded.
  2. Now sift through the list of the apps that you can’t recall downloading or that appears suspicious. Click on the app that you wish to get rid off and simply uninstall it.
  3. If the button for un-installation is present in grey color then it means you may have assigned this app admin access without knowing. You can be sure of this by accessing the section for Settings > Security > Device and then the admin apps. Simply then slide the toggle button to the off side for any of the apps that you don’t want to give admin access to and then click the button which says Deactivate on the subsequent screen.
  4. Quitting the safe mode is a fairly simple task. Complete restarting your phone by pressing down the power button and click on restart.
  5. If everything fails then you must perform a factory reset however after this you will have to download all the major apps and all your data which hasn’t been backed up will be wiped off for good.
  6. Access the section for Settings then go to System and finally to Reset options then click on Erase all data (factory reset). Now according to the Android model that you are using you might locate the factory reset option in the section for Backup & reset > Factory data reset and Reset phone. Click on “reset” and you will have to type your pass code to finish the process.

Top Security Apps for Android

Even if you are not the flag bearer of how technology has transformed human existence, we still cannot deny the fact that technology has affected our lives to a great length. With almost everything one click away and available online, technology today has definitely eased up our lives by greater means.

Instant communication from places poles apart, access to constant news all day, world-class music, online shopping are some of the few features we enjoy today. However, as the saying goes ‘with great power comes great responsibility’, internet today has to be biggest example of this. Despite the ease, online world has placed privacy and security at crucial risk and it has become relevantly easier to intrude into anyone’s private information.  

Security breaches and intrusion by hackers is increasingly becoming more common each day. Something very common these days in fact hackers have gained such knowledge that companies are bound to recruit whole cyber security teams and security apps to prevent any  unauthorized intrusion and data theft, from people’s personal devices. 

The risks of security breaches can be disastrous. With evil geniuses on the loose, protecting your important and personal data browsing histories, text messaging histories and even pictures, its critical to have a secure running technical system.

Security apps for Android

Hence it is imperative that one must use any of the security apps for Android to keep their personal data and information safe from any kind of theft. If you are looking for safe ways to protect your sensitive data, continue reading this article, we’ve got you covered! we would talk about some top security Apps for Android that you can directly download from Google Play Services.

The Secure Browsers and VPN

If you are also paranoid and worried regarding the safety, security and privacy of your data and personal information, then it is time folks that you must consider downloading one of these secure browsers and VPN to keep your device safe.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser by DuckDuckGo:


A great search engine tool, if you want to maintain your anonymous identity. This comes with a great twist because it doesn’t keep a record of your search history and would only show you advertisements which be relevant and according to your search. The only drawback of this search engine is that when you conduct any search the results will not be as organized as what you expect to find through Google. If you are more concerned about securing your privacy than organizing your results, this tool is your best shot for your search results.   

Ghostery Privacy Browser by GhosteryEver: 

As the name suggests, this browse engine makes sure that your search results stays ghosted. a smart option for VPN, Ghostery has emerged as a successful name in the market and is a platform that reads your searches and brings forth relevant search advertisements to you. This way your searches will be hassle free and the likelihood of hackers and trackers would definitely decrease. 

Avira Phantom VPN by AVIRA and NordVPN by NordVPN:

Avira Phantom VPN

If you are connected through a Wi-Fi connection saved on your mobile data.  chances are that your security breach would be very much likely making your sensitive information vulnerable. beware of those free WiFi networks offered in restaurants or malls can be a perfect opportunity for hackers to intrude in to your devices and be able to access your private data.

Adblock Browser for Android by Eyeo GmbHWhile ads:

This Adblocker aids many websites and apps to make payments but they can result in unauthorized intrusions while you are in the process of using your device. to prevent this Adblock Brower can be a perfect security app for your device. however, the only downside to this app is the small display which might be irritable and not so use friendly for some of the users. 

The Security Apps for Android to encrypt Phone Calls

Mobile applications these days can easily encrypt your messages, texts, emails and even voice notes.  however if you prefer to rely on taking calls, someone might want to encrypt your phone calls too. do not worry, we have got you covered in good hands. phone calls can now also be secured Security Apps for Android.  

There are many reasons as to why one would want to encrypt their phone calls. these days it has become quite convenient to record phone calls or silently listen to any conversation and steal information or important business contract details. In order  to avoid this from happening, be wary of many security apps and other useful VPN security apps. the following two security apps are most reliable which you can use to encrypt your phone calls successfully. 

SpiderOakONE by SpiderOak Inc.Cloud : 

This app ensure your device is fully locked and protected. however, this app is available to you online making making it vulnerable o all the online hackers. despite online security breach threat, the app takes pride in being very strong and reliable in securing their users sensitive information. claiming themselves as a totally no-knowledge app which means that your information can only be read by you and not by the service itself. Other similar services can read your data hence there is a greater chance of data theft and your information is can be at a huge risk.

AppLock by DoMobile Lab:

In situations where you have to move your phone around to transfer images or files. or maybe if you are unable to tuck you shirt away from your stubborn child, you irritably hand them the phone. to secure your private data, this is the mot convenient app for you if you are not a tech person.  App-lock will help you secure your device and generate secure passwords on your apps with a pattern, passcode or even a fingerprint.

With the apps secured well, you can now snooze off to a peaceful sleep.

Android Battery Saver

4 Top Android Battery Saver Apps

In today’s fast-paced life, where technology is conquering all, the smartphone is the driving force and one of the most eminent factors in revolutionizing the world. It has allowed people to access everything in less than a second wherever they are without any hassle.

Every smartphone, be it Apple or Android, comes with space up to 526 GB which can allow you to download maximum applications on your phone. You can either download whole TV shows or your favorite movies within just a matter of minutes.

However, everything comes with its pros and cons. The more options you have on your phone, the more it is likely to increase the usage of battery. You always find yourself jumping between numerous applications such as Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

You spend most of your time with your eyes glued on the screen to check social media accounts and to watch movies or TV series online. You sure do not want anything to interrupt your activities but we often forget that the battery percentage goes down with lots of application running at the same time.

You spend most of your time with your eyes glued on the screen to check social media accounts and to watch movies or TV series online. You sure do not want anything to interrupt your activities but we often forget that the battery percentage goes down with lots of application running at the same time.

Even when you do not have a lot of space on your phones to watch whole movies and what not, still the constant usage throughout the day, whether you are constantly receiving calls or instant messaging, can significantly drop down your battery percentage. Some applications like Snapchat or Instagram filter stories drain your phone battery quicker than usual.

Are you one of those people who are annoyed about your phone running out of its battery quickly and do not want the burden of carrying a battery pack with you? Or are you the one who is using applications more than a normal user?

If yes, then this article will help you find some great battery saving apps that will let you enjoy your movies and TV shows without any interruptions or having to worry about charging your phone before the battery runs out.

Here are some great android battery saver apps for Android phones which you can download and save tons on your battery usage. These apps will also not put you in a situation where you urgently need to make a call or send a text to your mother or snap a picture of an important moment or reply to an urgent email only to find out that your battery is dead.

Here is a list of Android Battery Saver Apps that you must use

Below is the given list of four battery saver apps that will save a lot of your time and make your life hassle-free:

  1. The Battery Doctor
  2. Avast Battery Saver
  3. GSam Battery Monitor
  4. ACCU Battery

The Battery Doctor

The Battery Doctor — one of the most popular and feature-rich battery saver applications is free and has tools such as battery monitory, energy saver, and power-saving profiles that can be defined and scheduled automatically.

It allows the user to check their battery level status quickly while tracking down the applications and processes that drain the life out of it. It is a multilingual app with support for more than 28 languages, plus it optimizes your battery power at the tap of your finger. Hence, The Battery Doctor is the best android battery saver app to maximize and extend the battery life of your phone.

Avast Battery Saver

Avast Battery Saver — the invention of the biggest antivirus brands has the tendency to improve and extend the battery life. With this battery saver app, the user can save the usage of battery by modifying the screen brightness, and internet connection.

This application also has an app viewer and in-profile notifications. The other significant features include a single master switch for turning the battery saving app on or off, smart technology that calculates and shows you how much of your battery life is left.

It is one of the best android battery saver apps that automatically deactivates all the application when the battery is about to die. Therefore, Avast Battery Saver must be on your list when considering to install apps for saving your battery.

GSam Battery Monitor

GSam Battery Monitor is the free Android battery saver app that gives exact and comprehensive details about your battery usage while providing the tools you need to identify the battery draining apps in a snap.

It also has an App Sucker tool which successfully shows app-based battery use, while unearthing CPU usage statistics and wake locks. The app also lets you specify the time intervals, view your usage statistics, and look up time estimates for your battery status based on present and past usage.

If you are one of those people who are frustrated with the phone’s battery and how frequently it gets drained, then GSam Battery Monitor is the best application that can resolve the issue in no time.

ACCU Battery

ACCU Battery — the leading Android battery saver app carefully monitors the strength of your battery while extending battery life with the charge alarm, and battery wears features. It offers the Accu-check battery tool, which measures the capacity of your battery in real time, and displays both the charge time and the remaining use time.

In addition to that, the PRO version removes ads that you would get with the free option. If you are looking for an app that can give detailed battery and CPU usage statistics in real time then ACCU Battery is a must to install. Its clever tools let you know when you have reached the optimal battery charging level.

10 Easy Tips to Enhance the Battery Life

The following ten easy and useful tips will help you in saving your battery and improving its life in no time:

  1. Buy the recommended brand battery
  2. Install android battery saver app of your choice
  3. Avoid playing games as they consume battery faster
  4. Better to turn off Bluetooth, GPS or Wi-Fi when not in use
  5. Keep the screen brightness at low to save the battery
  6. Turn the vibration option off as it uses more battery than ring
  7. Use still wallpapers because live wallpapers drain your battery
  8. Use Wi-Fi connectivity instead of cellular that drains battery life instantly
  9. Uninstall applications that are unnecessary or you do not use any longer
  10. Update your applications as they consume less battery power as compared to older versions

Why you should install Android Battery Saver Apps?

The Android Battery saver apps put those apps who consume a lot of battery in a state of hibernation, so they cannot access any resources, bandwidth, or run background processes. But this does not mean you cannot use the application.

With Android Battery Saver apps, you can run your applications normally and can stop all battery consuming applications, with the exception of important apps like your alarm clock, email, or messenger, or others that give important notifications unless you do not want them to.