Best Smart Phones (2019)

The 2019 Best Smart Phones!

When it comes to smart phones, it becomes difficult to say with surety that which one stands at the top among all the others. This is also due to the fact that there are huge differences between the iOS and Apple operating systems and the other preferences such as the camera, games, screen display and of course the price. At times all the features are equally good in two brands and it becomes confusing to decide which one to invest in.

Even though it is difficult to name a winner among all smart phones but for every category there indeed is a clear winner considering its specifications and features that are offered. This article will talk about the best smart phones in 2019 that have been launched and have stood out in every aspect and have managed to make all customers happy.

1.     Best of Apple: iPhone Xs

The legitimate successor to the throne of iPhone X has definitely been the iPhone Xs which is essentially an effective updated version of a new face to an iPhone. However when we sit and imagine as to how incredible the iPhone X was, its incremental update generates room for even further high expectations among the users. In the list of Best Smart Phones of 2019, it was imperative that we included Xs instead of the Xs Max because of the price!

This iPhone has a dual 12MP camera at the back of the handset which provides you with a huge-angle and telephoto lens which further provides you with impeccable resolution to play around with. The front camera is of a good 7MP which is just a refresher in the software set up. However iPhone has introduced range stabilization at each end of the phone with extra tools such as the HDR composite layers and its ability to alter the bokeh blur in the portrait mode.

2.     Best of Android: Pixel 2

Let us begin with the unique Pixel 2 specs which was launched his year with a unibody constructed metal design which gives it the ability for water resistance. The phone comes with a processor of Snapdragon 835 which can withstand up to 7 hours of constant use with only 5 minutes of charging, doesn’t this sound absolutely magical? The phone has an advanced 12.2 MP camera at its back which has an impeccable multi exposure ability with the “dual-pixel” straight by Google and a good 8 MP front camera.

The phone has a AMOLED screen display of 5 inches that has a 1920 x 1080 resolution which comes equipped with built-in security specs, a chip and 3 years worth of embedded security updates from Android and of course it also includes the Google Play Protect. The phone operates on the recent most Android 8 Oreo OS with a space of either 64 or 128 GB, sensors for active edge, stereo speakers on a super sleek hand held design.

3.     Best of Android Runner-Up: Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy 9 has an attractive design with an enhanced camera quality and advanced tools and has everything that a good smart phone needs to be included in the list of Best Smart Phones of 2019. It comes with an AMOLED display of 5.8-inch Quad HD+ while its screen is an amalgamation of bright colors that pop up in the room!

The phone supports HDR content which means that you can watch the best quality content with the best sound from its in built dual stereo speakers which have a 40% enhanced sound quality then the last model of the Galaxy S model. The phone has a renewed Snapdragon 845 processor comprising of 4GB of RAM, which can operate multiple applications in the background. ​

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