The Best Compass Apps!

If you are someone who frequently spends time hiking, or in the woods then compass is one essential that you cannot just forget to pack. Hence if you have a conventional compass device that you must pack each time you are out on the road then it is time that you ditch it because with a smart phone, you simply don’t need the weight of a compass on you anymore. There are multiple apps for a compass and this article enlists some of the Best Compass Apps for both Android and iDevices that you can instantly download.

If you are an Apple user then you must know that all iPhone now come equipped with a built-in compass which you can find in your Extras folder or your Utilities folder. All you have to do is follow the shown prompts for the calibration of the compass especially when you are using it for the very first time.

1.     The Best Compass App: Compass

If you wish to own a compass app that works for free on your Android devices to be used during camps, off road tours or other adventures or for letting your friends know your whereabouts then “Compass” app definitely fits the profile.

The Perks

  • Compass makes use of your mobile network and the GPS location services to find the “true north”
  • It can easily locate your magnetic north and will display the strength of the magnetic field to check for any possible interference.
  • You will be able to copy, access and share your exact coordinates on the map.

The Drawbacks

  • It isn’t compatible with any of the Apple devices.
  • If you put your phone’s display on landscape, you will not be able to view all the icons and your exact directions for calibration of the compass.
  • The app also needs to be calibrated every now and then.

2.     Best Compass App for Off-Road: Smart Compass

This Android app is essentially a branch of the collection of the Smart Tools apps which provides useful apps such as the metal detector, space measurement apps etc.

The Perks

  • This particular app for Android devices comprises of a telescope as well as night vision, mode for Google maps that can be switched to street map view or satellite map view.
  • Standard mode of this app makes use of your camera to get a real view of your direction.
  • The app also has a GPS speedometer in addition to the option for screen capture.

The Drawbacks

  • Cannot be downloaded on Apple devices.
  • If you wish to get rid of the advertisements in between, you will need to purchase a premium version of this app.

3.     Best Compass App for Exploration: Digital Compass

This is an Apple app which gives many choices and outdoor expedition options.

The Perks

  • This app contains up to 10 various options for the compasses.
  • In addition to your current location and true north direction, you can use this app to open up the map and access the direction of your selected location to where you are headed.
  • The app also has a drop down list of many cities across the globe so that you can view their orientation from your present location.

The Drawbacks

  • Cannot be downloaded on Android phones or tablets.
  • To get rid of the on screen advertisements, you will have to purchase its premium version.

4.     Best Compass App for Boating: Compass Steel 3D

This app will pop open a request for permission which you must not worry about. This app will need to access the exact coordinates of your location to conduct proper calculations and you will need these when you are stuck in the middle of a water body such as a river or a sea.

The Perks

  • When you turn or tilt your phone in your hand, this compass app will move around in three dimensions just like a real compass device will move in your palm.
  • You will be provided both true north and magnetic field (the app will contain the variation) and you do not need internet access or network services for this compass app to operate properly in middle of the sea.

The Drawbacks

  • You may need to calibrate it frequently.
  • It cannot be downloaded on your Apple devices.

The Best Chromebook Apps!

There is a very common misunderstanding regarding Chromebooks among all users who essentially believe that Chromebooks are basically PCs with bare-bones which provides web browser services along with other functions at a cost that can be easily afforded. Even though the laptops that are operating on the Chrome OS do not provide a wide range of software that can be otherwise used on other operating systems such as Mac and Windows, Their tool set can significantly be increased by the installation of apps offered by Chromebooks.

There are many Chrome apps available on the Play Store and it can be a laborious process to find the best one out of these hence this article will talk in detail about the Top Three Best Chromebook Apps that you can download and reap benefits from.

1.     Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop has been a forever favorite on the Web Store as it lets you remotely sign in to any other PC through the Google’s browser given you have the permission! This app can be very useful in unforeseen situations where you want to help out a friend, relative or your office mate even if they are half way across the world from you. You can even access your own documents on your PC from a remote place.

The Perks
Chrome Remote Desktop lets you cross platform and allows you to open up Linux, Chrome OS, Windows and Mac given that they are operating on the Chrome browser.

The Drawbacks
You may have to face issues with the stability of connection especially when browsing sessions have been way too long.

2.     DocuSign

If you wish to add John Hancock to a contract document or any other type of file, you will have to pick up a pen and then put it on paper or you could given this to your recipient and then drop it in the mail. However now you do not need to do this because eSignatures are a crazy trend in today’s world where they are considered a legal binding in a lot of cases, you can easily pen down your eSignature and submit important files in a matter of moments using Chromebook.

It is in sync with your Gmail Account and your Google Drive and the app of DocuSign will allow you to sign any PDF documents as well using your email provider.

The Perks
DocuSign has made a time consuming and laborious process highly convenient even for the people who are not so technical.

The Drawbacks
You will have to make a payment when you have to send more than three files with your eSignatures.

3.     Spotify

Spotify gives its users an open access to a huge music collection with millions of song titles which can be searched by song names, artist name or the album in fact even the genre. The app has the ability to change your Chromebook into an amalgamation of music beats that no professional DJ can compete with and you can sing your favorite songs or find new addictive tunes and much more.

The Perks
This app has the option of creating and storing playlists with a highly advanced search engine.

The Drawbacks
Many Chromebook users have filed complains about the annoying apps that pop up in the app and take over the playback music resulting in a poor experience.

The 2018 Best Smart Phones!

When it comes to smart phones, it becomes difficult to say with surety that which one stands at the top among all the others. This is also due to the fact that there are huge differences between the iOS and Apple operating systems and the other preferences such as the camera, games, screen display and of course the price. At times all the features are equally good in two brands and it becomes confusing to decide which one to invest in.

Even though it is difficult to name a winner among all smart phones but for every category there indeed is a clear winner considering its specifications and features that are offered. This article will talk about the best smart phones in 2018 that have been launched and have stood out in every aspect and have managed to make all customers happy.

1.     Best of Apple: iPhone Xs

The legitimate successor to the throne of iPhone X has definitely been the iPhone Xs which is essentially an effective updated version of a new face to an iPhone. However when we sit and imagine as to how incredible the iPhone X was, its incremental update generates room for even further high expectations among the users. In the list of Best Smart Phones of 2018, it was imperative that we included Xs instead of the Xs Max because of the price!

This iPhone has a dual 12MP camera at the back of the handset which provides you with a huge-angle and telephoto lens which further provides you with impeccable resolution to play around with. The front camera is of a good 7MP which is just a refresher in the software set up. However iPhone has introduced range stabilization at each end of the phone with extra tools such as the HDR composite layers and its ability to alter the bokeh blur in the portrait mode.

2.     Best of Android: Pixel 2

Let us begin with the unique Pixel 2 specs which was launched his year with a unibody constructed metal design which gives it the ability for water resistance. The phone comes with a processor of Snapdragon 835 which can withstand up to 7 hours of constant use with only 5 minutes of charging, doesn’t this sound absolutely magical? The phone has an advanced 12.2 MP camera at its back which has an impeccable multi exposure ability with the “dual-pixel” straight by Google and a good 8 MP front camera.

The phone has a AMOLED screen display of 5 inches that has a 1920 x 1080 resolution which comes equipped with built-in security specs, a chip and 3 years worth of embedded security updates from Android and of course it also includes the Google Play Protect. The phone operates on the recent most Android 8 Oreo OS with a space of either 64 or 128 GB, sensors for active edge, stereo speakers on a super sleek hand held design.

3.     Best of Android Runner-Up: Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy 9 has an attractive design with an enhanced camera quality and advanced tools and has everything that a good smart phone needs to be included in the list of Best Smart Phones of 2018. It comes with an AMOLED display of 5.8-inch Quad HD+ while its screen is an amalgamation of bright colors that pop up in the room!

The phone supports HDR content which means that you can watch the best quality content with the best sound from its in built dual stereo speakers which have a 40% enhanced sound quality then the last model of the Galaxy S model. The phone has a renewed Snapdragon 845 processor comprising of 4GB of RAM, which can operate multiple applications in the background. ​

The 2018 Best iOS Apps!

The Best iOS Apps come packed in all kinds of prices and some even for free such as in the fantastic offers of “free app of this week” or in an advanced premium package that you just cannot resist. However, inevitably the Best iOS Apps generally are then ones which become significant right from the moment you install and use them. This article talks in details about the Top Three 2018 Best iOS Apps that you can instantly download and get addicted to!

1.     The Best iOS App for DJ: Pyro

It is quiet essential to have a professional DJ App installed on your device because life without music is simply unimaginable. Pyro is that app which will allow you to create your own playlists from the music that you have locally downloaded on your device or from your Spotify Premium account.

Now the job of Pyro is to mix and match various songs like a real DJ would- and this is the magic of this app because the artificial intelligence combines all your tunes with one another despite of what the music tempo is. Pyro is not just an app for professional DJs, in fact it is a revolutionized way to listen to music on your iDevices.


  • The app integrates all Spotify music in a simple manner and operates smoothly.
  • The matching of the beats makes sure that there a smooth transition in between songs.


  • Huge playlists can appear cluttered on small screen displays.

2.     The Best iOS App for VPN: Tunnel Bear

Virtual Private Network which is abbreviated as VPN lets you get connected privately onto the internet and allows you to stay anonymous in your browsing. Out of the many VPN Apps available on the play store, the Tunnel Bear has so far managed to stay in the list of the Best iOS Apps. The app offers a free 500 MB of data but you can buy more if the need be. It is a highly user friendly VPN app.


  • You can instantly get connected to the internet anonymously.
  • Their pricing spans out over the year or in annual terms.
  • Tunnel Bear will not log in your IP address.


  • VPNs will slow your connection speeds overall and same is the case with Tunnel Bear.
  • It can run extremely slow when you change network connections on your device.

3.     The Best iOS App for Artistic Photo Editing: Enlight Photofox: Photo Editor

Enlight Photofox is an amazing photo editing app that is absolutely free of cost. It is available in the section for in-app purchases to be used in multiple advanced functions however it can easily be used even without them. You will be able to alter color, saturation, exposure, light etc either manually or you can simply apply configured presets to make your images professionally edited.

Enlight Photofox is highly convenient to use in terms of combining multiple layers of images which lets you compose professional artistic skills on your images. The Photofox also offers incredible tutorial videos and has a wide user community that you can turn to for queries and help.


  • There are many cool editing tools that this app has to offer ranging from basic to professional.
  • Video and audio tutorials make sure you get well acquainted with the app and its features.
  • The free version of the app has a lot to offer!


  • $70 for a premium upgrade sounds a hefty amount of money even if you opt for the monthly subscription.

How to fix Error 3194?

When you update your iPhone or other iDevices to a newly launched operating system version or when you restore any backup to your phone, you will see that these processes finish smoothly without any significant hiccups. However occasionally you may face the Error 3194 on your iTunes or on other iDevices hence if you wish for your upgrading processes to occur smoothly then keep reading this article to know how to Fix Error 3194.

Fix Error 3194 by Updating iTunes

If you face the Error 3194 on your iTunes then the very first troubleshooting step that you need to take is to upgrade your iTunes to the recent most version which is released. Even though this may really not be the cause of the problem and may not even Fix Error 3194 however it is worth being given a try. It is likely that any old iTunes version is causing this error so better be safe.

Fix Error 3194 by Changing Your Hosts Files

Error 3194 can also show up when you are unable to connect to the servers of Apple. The host files on your PC relates to how your PC can connect to the Internet. It is quiet likely that any of these ill configured host files is causing this error and treating this file could very well Fix Error 3194.  Here is what you need to do:

  1. Close the iTunes.
  2. Then access your hosts file.
    1. On your Mac device, open up the Terminal program, enter this sudo nano /private/etc/hostsand hit the button for Return.
    2. On your Windows PC, search for the system32\drivers\etcand then double press on the host file in concern.
  3. If you are prompted to give a password when you sign in to your PC then type it in.
  4. Then locate this entry for the host file:
  5. Now put in #and add a space at the start of the line for
  6. Remember to save this file by pressing Control + Oon your Mac device.
  7. Quit this file or your Terminal program.
  8. Let your PC to complete the restart process.
  9. Now update and restore your iOS device.

Fix Error 3194 by Checking Network Connection

The Error 3194 can also occur because of a network issue hence you must ensure that something is off with your network or its configured settings. In this case you must do the following process:

  • See to it that your internet is working properly and if you aren’t connected then you will no be able to connect to the servers of Apple.
  • Complete the un-installation and turn off the firewall for the security software. Firewalls and other tools can often inhibit these network connections of some servers.
  • Now restart your internet device and your PC.
  • If you are connected to a Wi-Fi connection then try connecting your PC directly with Wi-Fi/modem using the Ethernet.

Fix Error 3194 by trying another computer

If the above troubleshooting steps haven’t solved your issue then restore and update your Apple operating system with a different PC. This will work for you however if it doesn’t then this will ensure you that your PC isn’t the culprit here.

How to get rid of Android Virus?

Even though an Android Virus is a rare phenomenon however apps infected with malware are indeed present on the Google Play store. The third party apps that aren’t accessible on the Google Play store are more of a threat because Google hasn’t had the chance to verify them as safe. If you download these malicious third party apps then your phone can potentially slow down, your private information will be at risk such as your banking details, passwords etc can be exposed to hackers. Hence it is imperative that you get rid of Android Virus and this article will guide you on how you can do it.

Could your Phone be infected with an Android Virus?

If your device is infected with the Android Virus then you will notice the symptoms because the performance of your phone will definitely be affected. Your phone may slow down significantly or you may see that your data is being used abnormally. In the worst case scenarios you will find that third party unknown apps getting installed on your device. If your phone has a malicious app then an alert notification warning you about this malware will not appear.

However the good news is that if your device has a virus then removing it is an easy process and in majority of the cases all your data on your phone will also remain intact and in fact this is a good point where we need to emphasize that you must create a back up of your data every now and then.

Step by Step Guide to get rid of the Android Virus?

  1. The very first task in this procedure of removing Android Virus is to first complete the rebooting of your phone while it is in the safe mode. Now according to your Android model, you can do two things to switch on the safe mode.
  • The first thing you can do is hold the power button present on your Android handheld device and then press and then hold the power to switch off. Now press OK when your phone prompts you to reboot in the safe mode.
  • If this process doesn’t seem to do anything for you then tap and keep holding the power button and then click on power off. Now press the power button one more time till the logo of the device’s manufacturer pops up on the screen after which you must press the volume decrease button till your phone finishes powering back on and you can see the Safe Mode option at your screen’s bottom.
  1. When your phone is in the Safe Mode, access the section for Settings then go to Apps and finally to Downloaded.
  2. Now sift through the list of the apps that you can’t recall downloading or that appears suspicious. Click on the app that you wish to get rid off and simply uninstall it.
  3. If the button for un-installation is present in grey color then it means you may have assigned this app admin access without knowing. You can be sure of this by accessing the section for Settings > Security > Device and then the admin apps. Simply then slide the toggle button to the off side for any of the apps that you don’t want to give admin access to and then click the button which says Deactivate on the subsequent screen.
  4. Quitting the safe mode is a fairly simple task. Complete restarting your phone by pressing down the power button and click on restart.
  5. If everything fails then you must perform a factory reset however after this you will have to download all the major apps and all your data which hasn’t been backed up will be wiped off for good.
  6. Access the section for Settings then go to System and finally to Reset options then click on Erase all data (factory reset). Now according to the Android model that you are using you might locate the factory reset option in the section for Backup & reset > Factory data reset and Reset phone. Click on “reset” and you will have to type your pass code to finish the process.

How to Change Windows Password?

There are many valid reasons for which one might want to Change Windows Password on your Windows PC. Although technically one must change their Windows Password every now and then because it is wise to do for if you want your PC to remain safe from unauthorized intrusion. Also you might need to Change Windows Password if your current set password is too obvious to be guessed by anyone.

Whatever the reason may be, changing Windows password is a straightforward task regardless of the version of Windows which you are using by simply accessing the section for User Accounts in the Control Panel.

It might be that some of the steps to Change Windows Password may differ between various operating systems so clear out your confusions in this guide. This article intends to guide you on how to efficiently Change Windows Password on your Windows 10 or Windows 8 device.

Windows 10 and Windows 8

  1. Access your Control Panel. The simplest way to do this on Windows 10 is to simply type in Control Panel in the search bar of your Start Menu while on Windows 8, you can access the menu for Power User by pressing the WIN+X keys simultaneously.
  2. Then press the link for User Accounts on Windows 10, and the User Accounts and Family Safety option on Windows 8.
  3. Now in the option for “make changes to your account” in the section of User Accounts, you need to click the button for Make changes.
  4. Now launch the Sign-in options tab present on the left side.
  5. Right beneath the window for Password you must press the button for Change.
  6. Then type in your current password in the very first field and hit
  • If you are using Windows 10, enter your new password two times for verification. You can also add a password hint which is optional which can be used under times when you forget your password when signing in.
  • If you are using Windows 8, then you must type in your recent password in the area assigned for Change your Microsoft account password and then enter the password you want to set currently in the next two fields for verification.
  1. Then hit the Next
  2. In the end press Finish to close the window for Change your password or the window for You changed your password.
  3. Now that you have Changed your Windows password you must type in your new password to sign in to your Windows device.
  4. Another option you can use to Change Windows Password is by creating a reset disk for Windows password. Even though this isn’t necessary to do it but we recommend that you do so.

How to fix Disabled Apple ID?

A functional Apple ID is imperative for every user who wishes to have a smooth experience with their iDevices hence a Disabled Apple ID is nothing short of a disaster. If for some reason your Apple ID gets disabled then you will be handicapped in terms of purchasing things such as apps or perform updates or add any subscription. So a Disabled Apple ID is essentially a huge problem however the fixes are simply to implement and are described in this article.

How can you know about a Disabled Apple ID?

Apple will send you a notification the moment Disabled Apple ID is recognized by its servers. You will get a chance to take necessary actions to recover your and Apple will inform you in detail regarding the issue at hand. The message can vary from user o user however the most common ones are quoted below:

  1. “This Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons”
  2. “This Apple ID has been locked for security reasons.”
  3. “You can’t sign in because your account was disabled for security reasons”

If any of these messages pop up on your screen then you definitely have a Disabled Apple ID at your hands.

Why the problem of Disabled Apple ID occurs?

Of course the million dollar question here is that why the Apple ID gets disabled in the first place? The most logical answer to this is because of security reasons. Apple disables Apple ID on their own when anyone attempts to sign in a lot of times with the incorrect password or answers the security questions incorrectly or use any other account details.

This can happen if you have forgotten your password or have been typing the incorrect password a lot of times. The other reason could be that any unauthorized individual is attempting to access your Apple ID.

The procedure that many hackers use is that they sign in to your account by guessing passwords and will put your apple ID to risk of being disabled because Apple disabled your account to keep it safe from any unauthorized intrusion. In that case the real owner of that account is the only one who can retrieve the Disabled Apple ID.  Remember that a Disabled Apple ID will not let you sign in to your account even if you enter the correct password and hence you need to re-activate your Apple ID account to be able to use it.

Steps to Fix a Disabled Apple ID

The process used for reactivating your Disabled Apple ID is quite straightforward and is described in detail below for you to follow:

  1. This process begins by accessing the official website of apple for resetting your Apple ID at the following link:
  2. Attempt signing to your Apple account with the username which is the registered email address and your correct password.
  3. If you still cannot access your account or cannot recall your correct password then click on the option for “Reset your Apple ID password.”
  4. Whatever option you opt for, keep following the shown instructions to re-enable your Disabled Apple ID or to be able to reset your Apple ID Password.

How to fix iPhone White Screen?

If there is nothing you can see on your display except the blank iPhone White Screen without any apps then you have a serious issue at your hands. In this case your iPhone is suffering from the iPhone White Screen diseases also famously referred to as the iPhone White Screen of Death. Even though this name may induce fear however it isn’t always the case. This article will explain you all the necessary measures that you need to take to get rid of the iPhone White Screen Error.

The Triple-Finger Tap to fix iPhone White Screen

Even though the Triple-Finger Tap will not always get rid of the iPhone White Screen for you however there is at least some chance that this will solve the issue. It could be that you have switched on the screen magnification by mistake and if this is indeed the case then a super close zoomed in screen would appear to be white.

In order to correct this magnification take three fingers and double press on the screen display which will bring your screen back to normal in case it was magnified. To switch off this magnification, go to the section for Settings then to General and then tap on Accessibility and finally to Zoom which you must switch Off.

Perform a Hard Reset on your iPhone to fix iPhone White Screen

At ties the best troubleshooting fix to get rid of any error is to simply restart your iPhone. However under serious situations it is prudent to perform a hard reset on your iPhone. This is a kind of restart that doesn’t ask you to look at or even see your display and it also wipes off all the memory of your iPhone. This is how you can hard reset your iPhone:

  1. Press the Home button and the side button simultaneously on your iPhone and if you have an iPhone 7 then press the volume decrease button and the side button simultaneously
  2. Press these buttons until the screen shows the Apple Logo.
  3. Now you can release these buttons and let your phone restart normally.

Use the DFU Mode to fix iPhone White Screen

If nothing else works then you can try the DFU Mode to fix the iPhone White Screen:

  1. Get your phone connected to your PC and open up iTunes.
  2. Now switch off your iPhone.
  3. The next step will now depend on the model of iPhone you use:
    • For iPhone X and 8: Tap the Side button for a good 3 seconds and then keep pressing the Side button for at least 10 seconds, if the Apple Logo pops up then you need to repeat this again. Now let go of the Side button but keep holding the volume decrease button for at least 5 seconds. If you screen remains blank and doesn’t open up the Recovery Mode then you have safely shifted to the DFU Mode.
    • For iPhone 7: Press the Side  button and volume decrease button simultaneously and keep pressing them for 10 seconds once again if the Apple Logo appears then start from scratch. Now release the Sleep/Wake button and keep pressing the volume decrease button for an additional 5 seconds. If the screen appears blank you are in DFU Mode. 
    • For iPhone 6S and earlier versions: Press the Home button and the side button for at least 10 seconds. Then release the side button and keep pressing the home button for at least 5 seconds. If your screen is totally blank, you have activated the DFU Mode.
  4. Then keep doing as the iTunes tell you on your PC’s screen.

How to fix a Wet iPhone?

No matter how cautious we remain about our smart phones especially an expensive device like iPhone, they do tend to get wet at some point by accident or mistake. This is something that we cannot just avoid. Sometimes drinks can get spilled on them or they may drop in a tub or kids may wet an iPhone during a water fight, whatever the case may me a Wet iPhone is inevitable at some point in time.

You must take comfort in the fact that a Wet iPhone doesn’t equate to a dud phone. Even though there are Wet iPhones which cannot be salvaged but still the tips and tricks described in this article might be able to retrieve your Wet iPhone or any other iDevice in fact.

Invest in iPhone 7 or Newer Models

The simplest step is to save money and buy the newer iPhone models from iPhone 7 and later on which are water resistant completely and have been assigned an IP67 rating. This essentially means that your iPhone can breathe even in 3.3 feet (1 meter) height of water for a good half an hour. Besides you don’t need to fret over spilling any drink or water over your iPhone 7 or the later models of iPhone because if it dries instantly then you are good to go.

Dry Your Wet iPhone

  1. Never turn it on:If your Wet iPhone has been damaged by water then don’t try to switch it on as yet. This can short circuit the inner machinery and cause even further damage to your iPhone. You must stay away from all that can affect the functionality of the machinery inside such as the sound and the screen display. If your Wet iPhone was already off when it suffered water damage then you are good however if your device is on you must instantly switch it off.
  2. Remove casing:If you have covered your iPhone with a casing then instantly remove it. This will help your Wet iPhone dry quickly and completely because water droplets can remain inside the casing as well.
  3. Shake out the water:According to how your iPhone got wet, you might be able to find water droplets inside your headphones, lightning cable etc. Shake these accessories to drain out as much water as you can.
  4. Wipe down the water:After you have shaken out the water, take a towel and wipe your Wet iPhone from any excessive droplets. Try using a cloth that doesn’t leave any moisture behind.

Your Best Solution: Just Let It Dry

The easiest method of salvaging your Wet iPhone is to just let it dry on its own. You can do this using the following tips:

  1. Take out the SIM card:You need to get as much dry air as possible in the Wet iPhone since you cannot take out the battery and there aren’t many windows in iPhone the slot from the SIM card can do the job even though it isn’t that big it still can help a lot in drying. But keep your SIM card somewhere safe.
  2. Keep your iPhone in some warm place:When you have gotten rid of as much visible moisture from your Wet iPhone then keep your device still switched off and put your iPhone in some warm dry place for some time. Leave it on your TV or any other device so that the heat generated from these appliances can help dry out your Wet iPhone.