www.SecuritasePay.com – The best online payroll system

Any international, national or multinational corporation is incomplete with a proper security system provider, consequently in this emerging field, Securitas has established itself as one of the leading security providers to various companies around the globe. To further provide convenience to various employers and their employees, Securitas has developed an online payroll system by the name of Securitas ePay.

Securitas ePay system can be accessed at www.securitasepay.com and provides access to various employees around the world to their paystub data at one single portal. This service has proven beneficial not just for employees but a large amount of the paper workload that Human Resource departments of all companies have to bare has also been reduced by the launch of Securitas ePay System.

Get your Payroll Information via Phone Call

Securitas ePay System also has the service of providing paystub data to registered employees through a phone call. This service can be availed throughout the day and was introduced to ease up the general citizens who rely on phone calls to get their day to day tasks done. Once you dial the Securitas phone service, the online operator will guide you to press a series of button to access your paystub data, request a fax for your information or to change your security key. However, before accessing any of the services you must enter your Social Security Number and Login ID.

Manage Direct Deposits

Through Securitas ePay system you can now make adjustments directly to your deposit account and to your payable amounts. To avail this service, you must login at Securitas ePay website, hop on to the option of ‘direct deposit maintenance’ in the menu and follow the prompts to manage your direct deposits.


Login to DIRECTV Online to get DIRECTV Rebates

DIRECTV is a US-based satellite services provider that was founded in 1990 by Eddy Hartenstein. The company is headquartered in the state of California in the United States and its parent company is AT&T.

Registering for a DIRECTV Online Account:

  1. On your computer, use a web browser and go to the following address: https://www.directv.com/DTVAPP/rebates/rebatesCenter.jsp
  2. On the webpage, under Step 1, click on the link titled ‘Set One Up’ to be redirected to a page where you can start registering your account.
  3. On the next page, click on the link ‘Register Now’.
  4. You will be redirected to a new page. Here, enter in the following details: Account Number, Phone Number, Last 4 Digits of Your Credit Card, and your Last Name.
  5. Click ‘Continue’ and follow all on-screen instructions to complete registration.

Login to your DIRECTV Online Account for Rebates:

If you already have a DIRECTV Online Account, you will simply need to log in.

  1. On your computer, use a web browser and go to the following address: https://www.directv.com/DTVAPP/rebates/rebatesCenter.jsp
  2. On the webpage, under Step 1, click on the ‘Just Sign In’ link provided to be redirected to a Login page.
  3. On the left hand side of the page, in the column, enter in the following details: Your E-mail Address/AT&T ID and Password.
  4. Click ‘Remember Me’ and then select ‘Sign In’.
  5. If you can’t remember your ID, Email, or Password, click the links ‘Forgot email or Access ID?’ or ‘Forgot Password?’ as required to recover the account details.

Redeeming offers online with DIRECTV Rebates:

To redeem offers from DIRECTV Rebates, all you need to do is to go to the website and scroll down to where it says ‘Step 2’. Click on the button ‘View my Offers’. You will be redirected to the DIRECTV Reward Center, where you can follow the instructions listed on the webpage to redeem your rewards.

Cabela’s Survey

Cabela’s Survey – Assisting you on your outdoor adventures

All your outdoor activities are now about to get better with perfect tools and stuff you need for it. Cabela’s has a wide range of outdoor related recreation stuff. It includes things related fishing, hiking, camping, boating and hunting etc. Let them know how their products ae doing and how they are doing in their work at Cabela’s Survey.

About Cabela’s

Cabela’s is a Sydney based American merchandise and retailer of outdoor recreation related things. It was found in 1961 by Richard N. Cabela. Its headquarter is located in Nebraska. Currently 19,100 employees are working at 82 locations of Cabela’s stores. It specializes in products related to fishing, hunting, boating, camping etc.

Instructions with images

Let the Cabela’s stores know how they are doing at Cabela’s Survey. You can take the Cabela’s Survey to enter the lucky draw and win prize. Just tell them honestly about your experience at their shop and review about their product you are using and have been using. This will make the company do improvements if any required.

Follow the steps below explained clearly to give you the clear idea of each step.

  • Open the Cabela’s Survey official page by clicking on this link www.cabelas.com/retailsurvey
  • The Cabela’s Survey Home page will open in your browser. It will look like this
Cabela’s Survey
  • On the home page you are supposed to enter the code to begin the Cabela’s Survey
Cabela’s Survey Step
  • You will mind this alpha numeric code under the barcode on your receipt starting with X
Cabela’s Survey Code
  • Enter the correct code after verifying it from the receipt in the dialogue box
  • Once you have entered the code click the NEXT button to proceed the Cabela’s Survey

Cabela’s Survey has short ended questions. You have rate their services and products quality. In the end you have to give comments and suggestions which will be taken under consideration by the Cabela’s Survey Team.

Are you Eligible for Cabela’s Survey?

Not everyone can take the Cabela’s Survey. The survey team has set the criteria of who can take the Cabela’s Survey. The criteria is made to avoid the unwelcomed entrees. This will even give a greater chance of winning the lucky draw to the deserving participants. The criteria is simple but has to be strictly followed.

The participant must;

  1. Be 18 years old or older than this
  2. Have the national ID
  3. Be legally residing in United States of America
  4. Have the original Cabela’s receipt from the last visit at their shop

You may start Cabela’s Survey upon the fulfillment of the criteria mentioned above.

Winner Notification

Cabela’s Survey has decided to give an appreciation token to its customers who fill in the survey. The token of appreciation is the chance to win a free gift voucher through lucky draw that will be held every month. The winners list for Cabela’s Survey will be uploaded on the official website for the survey. Winners will also be informed by personal contact through email and text message. The winners will be contacted on the details they have provided. So make sure that the information submitted must be correct.

Rules and Regulations

Rules are set to keep the system manageable and just for all the people involved in it. The Cabela’s Survey team has set the rules and regulations that is must for each and every participant to follow to avoid any inconvenience from the management team. Participants are directed to go through the rules once before the entering the contest.

  • Participant must be eligible to take the Cabela’s Survey and participate in the contest
  • Information must be verified by the candidate before its submission
  • Any error or incorrect data provided by the participant will result in cancelation of the entrée
  • One person can enter once for the lucky draw contest for that month. More than one entrée will disqualify the candidate
  • Make sure you bring the original receipt and ID to claim your prize
  • Results declared by the Cabela’s Survey team will be final and no arguments will be tolerated on this subject

All candidates must follow every rule that has been mentioned above so that they do not create trouble for themselves and for the management team.

Contact Information

You can find all the contact details for the Cabela’s at their official website from this link provided http://www.cabelas.com/custserv/custserv.jsp. You can use their live chat option to directly talk to their customer care representative. To email them you can fill in the form available on the same page and write regarding your topic and submit. You’ll get response as soon as they get. You can even go through the FAQs before contacting personally. To make a call regarding any thing you can find the numbers to the related department at their directory of numbers at http://www.cabelas.com/custserv/custserv.jsp?pageName=CallUs.

Thank you!

Cabela’s is glad that you gave you valuable time to give us your honest feedback. Your response overwhelmed us. Thank you for your input.

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Dollar Tree Store

Dollar Tree Survey: Get things as cheap as $1

Yes you read exactly the right sentence. And trust me I mean it. Now you can buy the cheapest items in rates at Dollar tree. It has every item of use available for the common public. The Dollar Tree stores goal is to make the shopping experience for the common people easy and affordable. The Dollar Tree survey is designed to get to know about the experience of the customers at the Dollar Tree stores. It is recommended to fill the Dollar Tree survey to keep the company updated with their quality of services.

About Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is the America based discount variety store chain. It has about 13,600 shops presently running in United States and Canada. It was found in 1991 by K. R. Perry. It is running successfully and is the first choice of the common people. It has the variety of discounted daily use products available. The Dollar Tree stores are supported by nationwide logistics network.

Instructions with images

The Dollar Tree Survey is made to give people access to communicate with the management and share their experience whether good or bad with the Dollar Tree survey team. The Dollar Tree Survey is small and will take 2 minutes for you to complete. In order to successfully complete the survey you must follow the steps explained below in description to help you with the process. The steps will guide you on each step.

  • Open the official Dollar Tree Survey page in the web browser by clicking the link www.dollartreefeedback.com
  • The Dollar tree survey home page will open
DollarTreeFeedback - Dollar Tree Survey
DollarTreeFeedback – Dollar Tree Survey
  • On the home page you are supposed to select the Language from English, Español or Français. Click on the button of the convenient language to begin the survey in that language
  • On the next page you are required to enter the survey code in the given dialogue box
Dollar Tree Survey receipt code
Dollar Tree Survey receipt code
  • Find a 14 digit survey code printed at the bottom half of you receipt
Dollar Tree receipt
Dollar Tree receipt
  • Find the code on the receipt as shown in the picture above. Enter the correct survey code from your receipt to the dialogue box given
  • Click the NEXT button to proceed after you have entered the code

Are you Eligible?

The Dollar Tree Survey made an eligibility criteria for person who wish to the survey. The purpose of making the criteria is that the survey entrees could be limited to only deserving candidates and avoid traffic of data entry. The criteria for taking the Dollar Tree Survey is:

  1. The participant must be 18 years of age or older
  2. Must have National ID
  3. Be a legal resident of the United States
  4. Must have the original Dollar tree receipt from the last visit

If you fulfill all the above mentioned points then you are all set to take the Dollar Tree Survey

Winner Notification

Upon completing the Dollar Tree Survey you can get a chance to win $1000 cash weekly and can instantly win the great value prizes at $1500 weekly. It sounds unreal, right? But this is what Dollar Tree has to offer to you. Weekly the winners will be announced via lucky draw. The winners will be notified through text message, email and call. The list of winners will also be shared on the Dollar Tree Survey official website.

Rules and Regulations

To take the Dollar Tree Survey participants must follow some set of rules and regulation which are decided by the management team. It is obligatory to follow for everyone in order to make the Survey and winning procedure manageable just for everyone. The rules for Dollar Tree Survey are as follows:

  • The participant must fulfill the eligibility criteria
  • The participant must provide with the correct information
  • Any incorrect data will result in cancelation of the entry
  • One person can only enter once for the weekly lucky draw
  • More than one entry will result in cancelation of all the entrees
  • Must keep the sue dates in consideration
  • Loss of receipt in any case will not be the headache of the Dollar Tree Survey team
  • Bring your receipt upon the collection of prize. It will only be given when you’ll show it.
  • The results announced by the Dollar Tree Survey team must be respected and considered just

Contact Information

You can contact the Dollar Tree on their official website Contact page https://www.dollartree.com/bulk/Contact-Us. Here you can find all the required details for contacting the relevant person. You can even call at 1-877-530-8733 for any query.

Thank you

Dollar Tree is overwhelmed by the effort and time you put in to fill in the survey. It feels great that the customers we care for equally care for us to give us feedback for our wellbeing. This relation is what we aims to keep strong and lasting. Thank you for the lovely feedbacks.

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Chick-fil-A Store

Claim the free sandwich by Chick-fil-A Survey

Yes! Now you can claim a free chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A by using the code given to you on completion of the Chick-fil-A survey and redeem the offer printed on your receipt. The purpose of this Chick-fil-A survey is to appreciate our valuable customers for their time and choice to choose us. The satisfied customer is all we need. Chick-fil-A cares for its customers and hence provides the best of themselves and is concerned about the customers’ feedback.

About Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A is privately owned sandwich and fast food chain of United States of America. It was found in 1946 in Georgia. It has more than 2,000 restaurant running successfully around the U.S. and Canada. It has vast menu of chicken related items. From sandwiches to steaks and all other dishes that includes chicken. It claims to raise chicken without antibiotics, which is a plus for this place.

Instructions with Images

The Chick-fil-A survey is a short survey that won’t take much of your time. Its objective is to assess your overall experience at Chick-fil-A restaurant. The Chick-fil-A expects you to give the honest reflection of your experience at the restaurant so that they can do better in future and maintain a good bond between you and them.

To complete the Chick-fil-A Survey you are required to follow the instructions given below. The instructions briefly describe the process and to for a much better understanding you may also find images attached below with each instruction.

  1. Click on the link www.mycfavisit.com to access the official chick-fil-A survey page

The page will look like this

Are you Eligible?

To prevent the fake and unwanted entrees for the Chick-fil-A survey the company has set a criteria to be met to be eligible for it. The criteria is simple. The participant must be older than 18 years or age. Must have a National Identity Card. Have a valid serial number. Have a receipt within two days of visit at Chick-fil-A.

  1. On this page you are required to enter the 22-digit serial number in the space given.
  2. You can find the 22-digit serial number printed on the receipt from your visit at Chick-fil-A
  3. Enter the code on the web page by verifying it from the receipt.
    Click Start button to begin the
  4. Fill in the Chick-fil-A survey
  5. You’ll get a code once you are done with the survey, write that code on the receipt in the space of validation code.
  6. Use this code at any Chick-fil-A restaurant to redeem the offer

Winner Notification

The winner for the special deal at the Chick-fil-A on attempt to the completion of the Chick-fil-A survey can redeem the deal from the validation code they receive at the end of the survey. Every person who attempts to complete the Chick-fil-A survey will get a chance to unlock the code that will give them the special deal offer to be claimed at any branch of Chick-fil-A.

Rules and Regulations

To avoid any problem at Chick-fil-A survey the management has sat some rules and regulation. The purpose is to have a proper just system of survey. The rules and regulations are not very strict but a must to follow.

  • You must fill the Chick-fil-A survey from the serial number of your receipt within two days of your visit
  • The data entered must be correct and verified by the participant
  • In case of any incorrect information the management won’t be responsible.
  • The management will not be responsible for any loss of code or receipt
  • The decision regarding the winner or offer made by management will be considered final
  • No complaints regarding the deals offered will be entertained. As they are planned and finalized by the management.

Contact Information

You can contact Chick-fil-A regarding any query or support at https://www.chick-fil-a.com/Contact-Support. Apart from this you can also send them your personal feedback at https://www.chick-fil-a.com/Contact-Support/Send-Feedback. They respond within few hours and look into the problem if you are facing any and appreciate the comments coming from you. You can select any category for which you want to submit a feedback. Upon selecting the category a form would appear where you have to enter personal details and details about the branch you visited and they comment on the thing you want to talk about.

Thank you!

Chick-fil-A thanks for your time that you gave in for the Chick-fil-A survey to share your experience. We feel great by the response and look forward to work over it and keep satisfying you with our great service. We are here to listen, support and become better by your experiences and keep up with the good relationship we share. Each and every thing you mention is taken under consideration and is worked upon it.

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Best Sony Phones (2019)

Most of us remember Sony back from the good old days when Sony  Ericsson introduced us to the hip hop beats on the go. Today Sony is known as a top electronics manufacturer in the world. With a massive bursting business of phones and electronics worldwide, they are way ahead in their game in the tech world which should technically make their competitors worrisome.

These advances, whether big or small, have often found their way into the company’s smart phone lineup and that’s good news.

Sony does not have as big of a market share as other big companies but still it manufactures best quality phones with updated features and latest technology in cameras. So whether you’re looking for the best camera, battery, value or the most compact option, take a look below to find the best Sony phones to buy today.

This article will guide you on every detail of the Best Sony Phones of 2019 so that you can simply read and pick out the best one for yourself.

Here are the Top 5 Picks for the Best Sony Phones of 2019

If you have always trusted Sony with their best quality and manufacture, then we have some great picks for you. below are some of the best picks which outsmarts many smartphones in market today.

1.      Sony Xperia XZ Premium

A classic bigger than ever pick! Xperia XZ Premium is one of the best Sony phones out there. It has a clear as day 4K display resolution. Boosted by a performance that’s 50 percent faster and 25 percent smoother than previous generation Snapdragon processors (and paired with 4GB of RAM), the SZ Premium is equipped to work on GSM carrier’s LTE networks.

Whichever network you choose, the SZ Premium adds some noteworthy features, including 4×4 MIMO (multiple inputs, multiple output) with LTE Cat16 for downloading applications at three times prior hardware speeds. Inside the SZ Premium is 64GB of internal memory that’s expandable up to 256GB, thanks to an available microSD card slot. Add in a striking design and mirrored glass back panel, a 19-megapixel camera that can capture 960fps slow-motion video and front-facing speakers that stare down the competition and you have a pretty awesome all-around handset.

2.      Sony Xperia XZs

The phone which comes in top slot and is a strong contender for Best Sony phones is the Sony Xperia XZs. It is  Available  for use on GSM LTE carriers in the U.S., the XZs adds a brilliant 19-megapixel Motion Eye image sensor for capturing images five times faster while adding 960fps slow-motion video capture.

The 5.2-inch Full HD 1080p TRILUMINOUS display adds durable Gorilla Glass 4 for extra strong protection against bumps or drops and pairs well with the polished metal back panel for even more durable hardware. Inside the Xperia XZs is 64GB of onboard memory that can add up to an additional 256GB of storage space via microSD.

A Snapdragon 820 offers LTE Cat 9 support for extra fast downloads and uploads along with providing smooth day-to-day operation of the device. The 2,900 mAh battery allows for all-day use, and when you need to juice up, there’s Qnovo adaptive charging and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 for fast recharges.

3.      Sony Xperia L1

IF you are looking for a low cost mobile phone without much style or function is important, the Sony Xperia L1 is a best available choice. It is functional with GSM-based carriers and the L1 adds support for LTE bands that work with T-Mobile, AT&T, Straight Talk, MetroPCS and CricketWireless. The 5.5-inch 720p HD fits nearly edge-to-edge on the side bezels for increased viewable space, which speaks to the full hardware design that fits comfortably in your hand. A non-removable 2,620 mAh battery helps keep the 13-megapixel camera going with a f/2.2 aperture and xLoud ClearAudio+ for video capturing. Under the hood is 2GB of RAM for running multiple applications at a time, as well as 16GB of internal memory and microSD storage for expanding storage space.

4.      Sony Xperia XA2

The Sony Xperia XA2 has a 5.2-inch, edge-to-edge 1080p display with Gorilla Glass and brilliant resolution. On the back of the device is a 23-megapixel main camera with a 1/2.3-inch Exmor mobile image sensor that captures 24mm wide-angle photography and 4K video recording along with 120fps slow-motion video.

An eight-megapixel front-facing camera offers the same Exmor sensor and a 120-degree super wide-angle lens for capturing wider landscape photos than before. Rounding out the rest of the features are a Snapdragon 630 processor, an always-on fingerprint sensor, a 3,300 mAh battery for all-day battery life and Android 8.0 software. It comes in the category of best sony phones with a medium price range and a lot of new features.

5.      Best Camera: Sony Xperia X

The phones which the best camera among all is Sony Xperia X and it is their most famous device.Sony’s strength in the handheld photography market makes it no surprise they were able to adopt similar technology into their smartphones.

The Xperia X has a 23-megapixel main camera powered by Sony’s Exmor RS mobile image sensor that launches the camera in under 0.6 seconds. The sensor also adds a hybrid autofocus that works to eliminate blurred image results caused by fast-moving subjects.

The front-facing camera is equally notable as its 12-megapixel sensor ties together with a 22mm wide-angle lens for capturing larger landscapes (and often does a better job than the rear cameras of competitive brands). The five-inch curved displays of the X feels comfortable in the hand, thanks to a soft feel metal that adds a nice blend of durability and comfort. Captured photos and videos are stored in the device’s 32GB onboard memory, while an additional 200GB of storage can be added via microSD.

IHOP Restaurant

Everything you love about breakfast: IHOP Survey

Yes, you read that right. Everything you love about breakfast at one place is a place come true. Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day and it should be perfect to keep you energetic throughout the day. A good breakfast in the morning can lift up your mood and motivate you to do better throughout the day. IHOP is the best place to get the breakfast that will keep you going for the day. To tell them how awesome they are just fill in the IHOP Survey.

About IHOP

IHOP is America based multinational breakfast chain and casual eatery. It was found in 1958 in California. It specializes in pancakes, muffins, eggs, bread, coffee, tea, shakes, parfait, waffles and a lot more. Mainly it is popular for pancakes. As IHOP also stand for International House of Pancakes.

Instructions with Images

IHOP serves the best breakfast in United States. It is popular for its fluffiest pancakes and freshly brewed coffee. It takes special care of its valuable customers and yet welcomes theirs suggestions and feedbacks to do better for them. IHOP Survey is designed to get the insight of the customers and give them even more in term of menu and services. The survey is simple and short. It won’t take much of your time. And plus below is the description of each step you have to perform to take the survey. So you do not have to figure out on your own. We’ll help you with it.

  1. Open the link www.tellihop.com on your web browser to take the IHOP survey
  2. The official page of IHOP Survey will open in the browser. It will look like this
  1. Choose a language from English and Español in which you want to take the IHOP Survey
  2. Click NEXT aster the selection of language
  3. Now a page will open where you have to enter the survey code from the receipt of your last visit at IHOP
  1. You can find the survey code on the receipt printed at the bottom of it at step 2
  1. Enter the survey code in the dialogue box and click NEXT to proceed the IHOP Survey
  2. On the completion of survey you’ll receive a coupon code which you are supposed to write on the receipt and show it at IHOP to redeem the offer

Are you Eligible?

The IHOP Survey has set an eligibility criteria to make the survey process manageable. This way they can prevent the server to be loaded. The eligibility criteria for the IHOP survey is simple and is to be kept in mind before taking the IHOP Survey to avoid any inconvenience.

Participant must;

  • Be 18 years old or older than this
  • Have the printed receipt not 3 days older from IHOP
  • Be a legal resident of the US
  • Possess a National ID

If all the above mentioned points are fulfilled then you are eligible to take the IHOP Survey.

Winner Notification

The IHOP Survey team has offered an incentive on the completion of the survey. The ones that will fill in the survey will become a part of the monthly lucky draw and will get a coupon code that will be used to redeem the offer. The winners list will be posted on the official site of IHOP Survey and will be notified through email, text message and call. The winners will be given the free vouchers of IHOP.

Rules and Regulations

IHOP is a multinational breakfast chain. It gives keen focus on the regulatory process of the system. Same way the IHOP Survey has also some rules and regulations to keep the whole process hurdle and glitch free. The rules are must to follow for each and every participant who take the test. The following are the simple set of rules set by IHOP Survey.

  1. The participant must have the legal documents required for taking the IHOP Survey
  2. The receipt must be genuine
  3. The IHOP Survey must be taken within the three days of the last visit
  4. The due dates are to be strictly followed
  5. No entrée will be entertained after the due date
  6. The information submitted at the time of survey will not be changed under any circumstances
  7. The results announced by the IHOP Survey team must be respected and considered final
  8. Company would have complete right to cancel any entrée at any time considering the situation

Contact Information

You can directly contact IHOP on their website at http://www.ihop.com/contact-us and fill in the form given by them to ask for any query or suggestion and comments. In case you feel like talking to any customer care representative, you may call at 1-866-444-5144.

IHOP Survey Team’s Message

IHOP Survey Team with all the gratitude thank all the participants for taking the survey and for helping us do better and keep serving you with our great service. This survey shows your concern for us. And in response we will get better to show we care. Thank you!

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Del Taco Survey

Foodies first stop when the hunger kicks in: Del Taco Survey

If you want economical and tasty food when the hunger strikes then Del Taco is your place. Del taco is popular for the wide range of menu with the best meals deals. Del Taco keeps their customers on first priority and try their best to give them their 100%. The Del Taco Survey is designed to get the insight whether the effort they are doing is being fulfilled or not.

About Del Taco

Del Taco is the American based fast food chain. It serves the American and Mexican cuisine. It was found in 1964 by Ed Hackbarth. The Taco bell have burgers, fries, shakes, steaks and burritos. It has variety in each of its item. The Taco Bell has about 547 franchise around the US.

Instructions with images

The Del Taco survey is designed to keep up with the customers’ feedback and know how satisfied they are with the services. The goal in to make improvements and keep the customers happy and content with the Del Taco.

To take the Del Taco survey you need to follow the guidelines given below. The steps are simple and brief. The survey will not take much of your time.

  1. Open your web browser and copy the link given for Del Taco Survey www.myvisit.deltaco.com
  2. The official page for Del Taco will open where you are required to choose the language in which you want to take the Del Taco Survey
  1. After you’ll choose the language, next will load where you have to enter the 15-digit survey code
  1. You can find the 15- digit survey code printed on the bottom of your Del Taco receipt.
  1. Enter the code in the dialogue box and press enter to proceed with the Del Taco Survey

Are you Eligible?

The Del Taco Survey has the parameters set for taking the survey to control the unwelcomed responses and to get the genuine responses to make a change. One should fall on the eligibility criteria to attempt the Del Taco Survey. The parameters are;

  • Participant must be 18 years of age or above
  • Must be legal resident of United States
  • Shouldn’t be related to any employ or member of the Del Taco chain
  • Must have the receipt of Del Taco not older than 7 days

If all the above mentioned parameters are met then you are welcome to take the Del Taco Survey

Winner Notification

The participants that will take the Del Taco Survey will sign in automatically in the lucky draw by the Del Taco for the free vouchers of meals. The Winners of the lucky draw will be declared every month via lucky draw and will be informed by the management team. The winners name list will be uploaded on the Del Taco Survey site. The winners will also be notified personally via email and text message and in case of no response from the winner they will be given a call personally.

Rules and Regulations

The Del Taco Survey team has rules and regulations which are to be followed to stay in the competition and keep the process of the lucky and entrees trouble free. The following some rules for Del Taco Survey by their management team.

  • Data must be verified by the participant before submission
  • Incorrect data will result in cancelation
  • One entry is only permitted for a person. More than one entry will cause cancellation of all entries from the same person
  • In case of lost receipt the management of the Del Taco Survey will not be responsible
  • The information submitted must be genuine
  • The result declared by Del Taco Survey team will be considered final and must be respected

You must follow the above written rules to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

Contact Information

You can contact Del Taco for any kind of query, suggestion or feedback on their official website contact page at https://deltaco.com/contactus. You can get all the contact details from there. On the contact page you will find a form at the bottom of the page which is to be filled online and to be submitted with your concern of contact. The team responds to each and every submission so feel free to share your experience.

Gratitude for your wonderful response!

Del Taco Survey team feel over whelmed with your response. It feels great that our customers care for as much as we care for them. You suggestions, complaints and feedbacks our taken under consideration and worked upon. We intend to make Del Taco a place where you feel comfort and non-hesitant. The Del Taco promise to respond to each and every feedback in terms of actions and surely you’ll notice the difference. We look forward to keep up on our great service and an amazing relation that we share with you.

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iPhone Facetime

Can you use FaceTime on Windows?

It can be said without a doubt that the FaceTime feature offered by Apple is literally their most exciting and coolest service for which many clients invest money in Apple in the first place. Right after FaceTime’s debut on iPhone, Apple introduced FaceTime on Mac devices as well.

However the bad news is for the users of Windows because there isn’t an option to use FaceTime on Windows. Essentially FaceTime is the feature for video calling and audio calling that is compatible only with Apple platforms. So as a replacement there are multiple alternatives for Windows and Windows devices which can be used for video calling in form of FaceTime on Windows hence keep reading ahead.

FaceTime doesn’t have a Open Standard

Back in 2010 when FaceTime was launched the CEO of Apple said this, “We’re going to the standards bodies, starting tomorrow, and we’re going to make FaceTime an open industry standard.”

This essentially meant that anyone could have easily used FaceTime by creating its software. This would have given opportunities to multiple third party companies to make programs that would have made FaceTime compatible on devices that aren’t Apple based including Windows and Android.

Other Apps to get FaceTime on Windows

The FaceTime isn’t compatible with Windows however there are many other video calling programs that can be used instead and many of these are described below:

  • Glide – Glide has introduced an exciting add on to the video calling feature, it can be used with your social circle through video but it also has the tool to make a recording of tiny video clips and then they can be shared with friends. You can even add the option to conduct a group chat by adding as many as 50 people. This is compatible on Android, iOS, and of course Windows.
  • imo –  This is a highly popular video calling app which works on Windows, Android and even Apple operating system. You can even add funny stickers and encrypt your conversations for added security.
  • iMovicha –this is another great alternative to be used in form of FaceTime on Windows and is highly compatible with Android, Windows and MacOS AS WELL. Just like FaceTime this app can operate even when connected to the 3G and 4G networks and not only Wi-Fi.
  • Skype – This is a name that doesn’t need much introduction and has bene extensively used in the past on Windows, iOS, Android and other platforms. Its software is free to use and you can even keep a recording of your calls.
  • Viber – Viber has announced that they have almost more than 500 million users across the globe and if you need to get in touch with people across the globe then this is your best option. It doesn’t even show annoying advertisements and is available in many languages.
  • WeChat– Another app that can be used as FaceTime on Windows is WeChat and can be used on Apple plus Android for instant communication. WeChat is famously used in China and almost everyone has it there.
  • WhatsApp – This is the app that doesn’t require any introduction and has more than tens of millions of users across the globe and is compatible with almost every device. You can use it for chatting, sending images, videos, make video and audio calls absolutely free.

How to use the iPhone AirPrint?

Initially when the iPhone was only used for staying connected with people, playing games, listening to music etc then tools like printing didn’t carry much weightage. However with the progress in time, iPhone has become a complete package tool for conducting business which is used by employees and employers to conduct day to day work business and printing is definitely a major crux of every day work.

PDF to Word Converter

Considering the demand Apple introduced the printing technology on their iPhone, iPad and iPod with the name of AirPrint. Now iPhone doesn’t comprise of a USB port and it cannot be attached to any printer or PC using a cable hence iPhone AirPrint is a special wireless technology that is now by default provided with the iOS system which makes use of Wi-Fi to connect with printers and allows you to print high quality content. This article will guide you on how to use the iPhone AirPrint technology so that you don’t miss out on this amazingly convenient tool that Apple has to offer.

Step by Step Guide to use iPhone AirPrint

So what are you waiting for, follow the guidelines below to use iPhone AirPrint:

  1. Launch the app that you wish to print any content from.
  2. Then access the document, image or any other file that you wish to print.
  3. Now click on the action boxwhich would look like a square arrow at the top and at times this may be present at the bottom of the display according to the app in use.
  4. Now the menu that pops open, you must search for the option of Print. If you cannot locate this option then swipe in left to right direction from the bottom of the icons to open up further options. If you still cannot locate it then see more options at the bottom.
  5. Then click on the button for
  6. Now in the section for Printer Optionschoose the button for Printer to print your selected document.
  7. Then click on the +and  buttons to assign the amount of copies you wish to get.
  8. Now according to the tools of the printer there will be a button for Options which you can use to get a double sided print. Then click on the button for Options to complete its configuration.
  9. If your printing documents has many pages you can even choose the Range for printing by using that option
  10. In the end when everything is configures simply hit the button for​ Print.

Now your iPhone AirPrint option will direct the document to your connected printer and your pages will be printed in no time.

iOS Apps That Support the iPhone AirPrint

These are the in built iOS apps which are compatible with the option for iPhone AirPrint hence if your documents are present in any of these apps they can be instantly printed:

  • Notes
  • Mail
  • Safari
  • Maps
  • Photos
Android Virus

How to get rid of Android Virus?

Even though an Android Virus is a rare phenomenon however apps infected with malware are indeed present on the Google Play store. The third party apps that aren’t accessible on the Google Play store are more of a threat because Google hasn’t had the chance to verify them as safe. If you download these malicious third party apps then your phone can potentially slow down, your private information will be at risk such as your banking details, passwords etc can be exposed to hackers. Hence it is imperative that you get rid of Android Virus and this article will guide you on how you can do it.

Could your Phone be infected with an Android Virus?

If your device is infected with the Android Virus then you will notice the symptoms because the performance of your phone will definitely be affected. Your phone may slow down significantly or you may see that your data is being used abnormally. In the worst case scenarios you will find that third party unknown apps getting installed on your device. If your phone has a malicious app then an alert notification warning you about this malware will not appear.

However the good news is that if your device has a virus then removing it is an easy process and in majority of the cases all your data on your phone will also remain intact and in fact this is a good point where we need to emphasize that you must create a back up of your data every now and then.

Step by Step Guide to get rid of the Android Virus?

  1. The very first task in this procedure of removing Android Virus is to first complete the rebooting of your phone while it is in the safe mode. Now according to your Android model, you can do two things to switch on the safe mode.
  • The first thing you can do is hold the power button present on your Android handheld device and then press and then hold the power to switch off. Now press OK when your phone prompts you to reboot in the safe mode.
  • If this process doesn’t seem to do anything for you then tap and keep holding the power button and then click on power off. Now press the power button one more time till the logo of the device’s manufacturer pops up on the screen after which you must press the volume decrease button till your phone finishes powering back on and you can see the Safe Mode option at your screen’s bottom.
  1. When your phone is in the Safe Mode, access the section for Settings then go to Apps and finally to Downloaded.
  2. Now sift through the list of the apps that you can’t recall downloading or that appears suspicious. Click on the app that you wish to get rid off and simply uninstall it.
  3. If the button for un-installation is present in grey color then it means you may have assigned this app admin access without knowing. You can be sure of this by accessing the section for Settings > Security > Device and then the admin apps. Simply then slide the toggle button to the off side for any of the apps that you don’t want to give admin access to and then click the button which says Deactivate on the subsequent screen.
  4. Quitting the safe mode is a fairly simple task. Complete restarting your phone by pressing down the power button and click on restart.
  5. If everything fails then you must perform a factory reset however after this you will have to download all the major apps and all your data which hasn’t been backed up will be wiped off for good.
  6. Access the section for Settings then go to System and finally to Reset options then click on Erase all data (factory reset). Now according to the Android model that you are using you might locate the factory reset option in the section for Backup & reset > Factory data reset and Reset phone. Click on “reset” and you will have to type your pass code to finish the process.